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  • cc43578 cc43578 Jun 15, 2012 9:32 AM Flag

    Insurance Companies Mobilizing:

    More insane fiction from ol' braindead.

    "Walgreens could have been an outstanding competitor in this sector, that has not happened."

    You are thoroughly NUTS! Do you really believe that by not signing a contract that would force Walgreens to loose MILLIONS in bottom line profit for the next however many years, this somehow makes Walgreens uncompetitive? In what way?

    "The Healthcare market has evolved, (WMT,Target,Esrx,Caremark) and Walgreens has been unable to service the gaps that these new providers have filled."

    Another absolutely INSANE statement. What "gaps"??????? Do you mean their RX sales????
    If that's the case, are you saying that Walgreens should be filling EVERY prescription in the U.S.? You are so far from reality, a map couldn't get you back.

    And are you saying Walgreens hasn't "evolved"?

    You know NOTHING about the health care industry except what your RSS feed dishes up and you fail to digest.

    "This company was once the leader in Pharmacy services..."

    Walgreens has once again taken the lead by being the first to stand up to PBM's that want to further line their own pockets at Walgreens expense, while providing ZERO reduction in costs to the customers they're ripping off.

    "...while making Shareholders money, that cannot be said today..."

    There are tens of thousands of investors making money on Walgreens stock today and every day. Buy low, sell high. I'm not surprised you didn't know that.

    "My point is that Walgreens has still failed to align it business model, with the Market for Medical services."

    The insanity continues. How does a company lose 12.7% of it's May prescriptions and only suffer a loss of 1.6% in sales?

    "The Healthcare Insured market has changed, think about this, every car Ford produces $4,000 is built into the
    car to pay for legacy employee costs.
    Can that be said of Toyota??"

    Yeah! Great example of the "Healthcare Insured market" changing. You're just not able to think, are you?

    "If Walgreens cannot meet this Challenge to reduce Healthcare spend I am sure that a Walmart or another competitor will."

    Here's another quote, perhaps you missed, "as employers and health plans take a variety of steps ranging from changing prescription benefit managers to changing language in new RFPs to provide continued access to Walgreens and our services. In what is the busiest selling season in recent memory, we are pleased that we have continued to receive notification of pharmacy plans regaining access to Walgreens pharmacies with new contracts that become effective throughout the remainder of the year."

    Now, as far as reducing "Healthcare spend", show me where ONE SINGLE ESRX customer is paying ONE PENNY less this year in healthcare premiums, deductibles, and/or copays than last year and you will win this argument.

    "few are capable in understand"

    Very few!