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  • cmxgen cmxgen Jun 22, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    OT to robb, cmxgen

    another interesting note.

    The board and exec mgmt wanted their cash instead of we know y!

    They will burn the share holder to save the company.

    If CVS should be removed from WAG network, then bet they buy out any PBM they can to drive business right into CVS.

    They will pick WAG apart.

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    • You guys make WAG sound like roadkill.

      The PBM's have razor thin margins and they are the real roadkill. They need a retail outlet more than WAG needs them. The PBM's do not have any more room to run and they are not going to be able to keep taking WAG's customer's at a loss.

      WAG is now a takeover target for its distribution network of retail stores and PBM's as you have known them are about to have even more razor thin margins from not being able to stuff clients mailboxes with expensive scripts when a generic would have been just fine.

      Maybe WAG should do what the PBMs do and get a good trade organization to limit people's choice of where they can get their scripts filled.

      100,000 grand to a politician for a billion dollar payout is going to be a thing of the past very very soon.

      Long WAG FYI. I just bought it on this selloff even though I realize in the short term there are some headwinds ... but I believe those headwinds will soon be shifting.

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      • nomorehomes, just to let you know, bigyank, cmxgen, robbs, and most likely others are 1 or 2 posters. And get paid for it.

        -- all of them bash WAG consistently, no matter what WAG does

        -- all of them Cheer WAGs competitors, no matter who they may be. If they compete with WAG, they cheer and pump it.

        -- they ONLY hang out on the WAG board (you can easily check that out)...go find them on the CVS, RAD, ESRX, etc boards, you wont find them there.

        -- they all talk the same language. They are here for one reason and only one reason, to bash WAG.

        Recommendation and solution: put the piker(s) on ignore. I put all those pikers into the cornfield.

      • PS - WMT should just buy out WAG and get it over with. Then WMT wouldn't have to build out stores. Only problem is WMT owns 85% of their stores and WAG is mostly leased.

      • You are a fool!!!

        This C-suite will not only see headwinds they will see the Gallows.

        Did you ever ask why the C-suite wanted Cash instead of Stock options.

        I am starting to see the plan and the Armaggedon on executives SG&A costs that Yank talked about.

        There is much more, Later!!!

        Welcome to the board, Mr. Stepfano Pessino and partner, the single largest Share holders, Sushi instead of Pizza!!!
        How many missteps can we count in 1 year !!!

        It is said, when a Chuch is being built in Italy, a Hundred years for Construction is not out of the Question....