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  • cc43578 cc43578 Jul 22, 2012 6:46 AM Flag

    Where are all the idiot posters at now?

    I can't think of anyone on this board that is so ridiculously lacking in knowledge as you, other than robbsbeach (and we all know his intellectual status). You are completely clueless.

    These customers absolutely HATED to have to leave Walgreens. And YES, most are chomping at the bit to return. Ask your neighbor. Ask your pharmacist. Ask ANYONE. If any CVS employees are in your family, you can probably get an honest answer from them. They HATE the added business. They were not prepared for it at the beginning, and STILL AREN'T. Truth is, they are HAPPY to see these customers leave. These customers were used to the high standard of service presented by Walgreens, then all of a sudden were thrust into the dirty, unstaffed, undertrained stores of Walgreens competitors who were immediately overwhelmed.

    Open your blindfolded eyes and accept reality.

    Walgreens has EVERYTHING TO GAIN, including the competition's ORIGINAL customers whose prescription service was compromised these last few months during the influx of new customers.

    CVS has EVERYTHING to LOSE. To disagree shows a complete aversion to reality.