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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Jul 22, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    Analysts start to cave-in, S&P raises WAG target by $4, JPM by $2

    Well, things have reverses since these analysts are the one that follow investors instead of investors to follow them.

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    • Hey B/S PUMPER provide this Investment board with your source.

      Otherwise STFU.

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      • <<Hey B/S PUMPER provide this Investment board with your source.
        Otherwise STFU. >>

        You must be a moron with no brain since this info is public and if you can use your computer then you can find them.
        Anyway, almost all online brokerages, like Ameritade, Scottrade provide this kind of info(Cabn you use Research Stocks?).
        My God, I wonder how do you invest or in this case short when you can't find simple info?

        Here is from S&P
        (WAG 34.55***):We are raising our
        12-month target price by $4 to $37, based on our P/E analysis, after WAG announces a new
        pharmacy network agreement with Express
        Scripts Holdings (ESRX 58, Strong Buy). However, we are cutting our FY 12 (Aug) EPS estimate $0.06 to $2.63 to include the negative sales impact of the loss of customers thus far in Aug-Q and the increased marketing spending that we believe will be needed to lure customers back.
        Additionally, we believe this agreement alleviates concerns over the renewal of its contract with Medco Health Solutions, set to expire at the end of 2012. /J. Agnese

    • You realy need to find a real job, because anyone of US investors see your empty posts.

      Good luck with your phantom profits; now go away


    • "Yes, some of those analysts were pumping CVS and bashing WAG and still have Hold rating."

      Most of those analysts who "were pumping CVS" were doing it in the low $30's

      Their track record is better than yours

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