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  • dr_tjm42 dr_tjm42 Jul 24, 2012 4:50 PM Flag

    Milo calls dr-tjm (robbsbeach) a......

    "CVS has absolutely NOTHING to look forward to except losses, hence the incredible tanking of their stock"

    !!!!!!!!WRONG, WRONG and WRONG!!!!!!!!

    CVS will keep a good amount of the customers it gained from WAG

    CVS will benefit from the babyboomers coming of age

    It will win new customers from RAD, WALMART and the supermarkets like Supervalue who may end up going bankrupt

    Caremark will have a great selling season and continue to win Medco's contracts

    CVS will raise it's DIVI along with it's share buyback.

    CVS will coninue to pay down debt with it's massive cash flow

    and CVS will most likley grow overseas to answer WAG's Boots deal

    You are from another planet if you think CVS is finished

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    • Wow! That's quite a prayer.

      Isn't it a shame that Wall Street disagrees with you?

      Is there any room for reality in your world?

      CVS has absolutely NOTHING to look forward to except losses.

      WAG has only gains to look forward to.

      Which stock would YOU rather own?