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  • cc43578 cc43578 Aug 23, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    Did Anyone Check on KKR Stock Today?

    I was just curious :-)

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    • I did and it is down almost 1%.

      KKR is a loser and this is why.

      WAG paid $6.7 for 45% of Boots.
      That means 100% of Botts is valued at $14.88 B (simple math).

      Wait a minute, KKR and Alliance bought Boots for 12.1 B pound or $19.2 B.

      What does it mean? KKR and Alliance have lost $4.32 B in their investment after 5 years and if you add inflation and lost of interest for their money, they have lost $10 B.

      If it was not for a sucker like WAG, they could lose much more. That is why WAG has saved them by throwing money (shareholders money) at them.

      Comes next 5 years, Botts will lose another $5 B.