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  • nagennif14 nagennif14 Oct 23, 2012 9:41 PM Flag

    Customer Service

    In a poor economy and with Walgreens desperate to regain the market share they lost to CVS and Rite Aid you would think customer service would be at the forefront. That couldn't be further from the truth! Not only is the service level very poor in stores the reps. at Walgreens 1-800 number are worse. When I lodged my complaint about my experience the rep said "sorry you weren't happy but noone will call you back to discuss this".

    A few more calls like that to customers and the stock will be in the $20's again!

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    • Service is poor compared to Walgreens of 5 yrs ago. Compared to other retailers today, service is a little above average. It's all about cost control. Everybody is doing it. There is no alternative. Suck it up.

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      • My experience with WAG's service, on the whole, has been very good. I do have the impression that they have fewer employees per store than they used to. Still, the employees are knowledgeable, accessible, and usually friendly.

        The pharmacy staff are often very busy. But, they know their stuff and take the time to answer questions.

        The overall experience is very efficient and satisfying, especially compared to their competition..