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  • simpleawright simpleawright Nov 2, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    Not getting a good feeling about WAG

    Sells off at the drop of a dime and cannot hold any gains...will sell if it breaks $35. They are better opportunities elsewhere than you be screwing around with a dropping stock.

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    • Good feelings and short term thinking doesn't lead to long term large profits. You are playing for pennies.

      What are the fundamentals? Does WAG have a moat? Is it growing stronger, or shrinking? How does WAG factor into the future of health care? Is the management team up to the task? Is the balance sheet strong enough to continue to finance rapid expansion?

      If the answer to the above questions favors WAG, the pps will double twice over the next decade.

      I have doubled my investment in WAG multiple times. I have been mostly out of the stock over the past few years, waiting for the fundamental picture to clear. There is still plenty of uncertainty, but some of the major questions are being answered in WAG's favor.

      More people will be covered by healthcare systems in the developed world, but the doctors and hospitals will not increase capacity. Many small hospitals will not be able to compete and will shut down, reducing capacity. This will create a huge opportunity for WAG to fill the void for routine nursing care and the management of chronic disease.

      The enormous value of the WAG network is not adequately reflected in the pps. This opportunity exists because of the substantial uncertainty as to the future of health care, and the uncertainty in the economy in general.

      WAG will sell cheaper, if we go into a recession here (a near certainty if Obama is re-elected, 50/50 if Romney wins), so there is no need to rush into WAG. I bought a small position. If we do get a pullback, I will accumulate.


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      • Sold WAG premarket, not gonna watch this sink week after week as it monthly sales sink month after month. Not even waiting for the dividend.

      • Thanks ML, appreciate the lengthy summary, I bought in at 35.77, and the 2% loss on 125% volume on Friday was a little disturbing; WAG formed a bearish engulfing candle, WAG is forming a decending triangle and it broke through the bottom Bollinger to boot. My trade predictor software says sell. I have re-evaluated my position and decided to sell on 2X the daily volatility index. That occurs at $34.41. That is where my limit sell is placed. If it breaks that, If could fill the gap at $31. I want to own it longterm (while trading it), but not at nearly $36 if I can get it at $31??? GL!!

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