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  • raggwead raggwead Dec 7, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    div next week


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    • By raising the taxes imposed on dividend payments and capitall gains, Obama and his Merry Democrat Band of Redistributionists, has reduced the inherent value of all equities.

      Then, they will wonder why capital leaves America.

      If you want more of any activity, you tax it less, not more. If you want to create jobs, let businesses be profitable and keep more to reinvest. We have a President who hates capitalism, except for the "crony capitalism".

      This Country is in for slow growth, at best, for the rest of Obama's Presidency. At the end of his next term, we will see America near insolvency, with debt and unfunded liabilities of about $90T. With annual revenues of only about $3T, you can see that we are in a very deep hole, indeed.

      The Fiscal Cliff will look like a ride in the park by comparison, when it really hits the fan.

      Take your dividends and get them out of U.S. Dollars.