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  • bozo2600 bozo2600 Jan 18, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    If you bought CVS in 2007

    The problem is that there are many, many old time investors that are underwater with WAG
    The stock was a high flyer before the 2008 market crash as was CVS

    CVS has more than recovered from the bottom and keeps making new Highs (not spit adjusted).

    They are stealing market share and their acquisition of Caremark is turning out to be a game changer. Going forward CVS has positioned themselves to be the clear winner. All WAG can do now is copy their business model

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    • WAG has copied the CVS business model to the extent of cutting expenses to the bare bone, but their board is weighted with independent thinkers who will never copycat any model. WAG will never imo enter the PBM business again. New avenues of related health care business and international expansion is the WAG approach for now. The two companies will continue to compete in community pharmacy but they will continue to expand in different directions. While CVS expansion has been excellent the past few years, it is not clear to me where they go from here. Do they simply expand the PBM business? Mimic WAG by going into other areas of health care? Mimic WAG by expanding internationally? I suspect they will both be picking RAD's bones soon. RAD's recent surge into profitability is probably a short term phenomenon that won't be enough to save them. Obamacare will boost all pharmacies. I have a little CVS stock, a lot of WAG stock and a trading position in RAD. Clearly I lean toward WAG being the better market performer for the next few years, but I keep my eyes and ears open. That opinion can change.

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