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  • roboklerk roboklerk Feb 1, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    WAG Jacked Up the Cost of My Dog's Meds 8-Fold

    not fake, here's the specifics. 30 quantity of 20 mg. generic for Revatio manufactured by Greenstone. they sold me each of the last two months at $67.99. Now this month they want $500. Got no axe in WAG stock either way, don't care if it goes to $100 or $0. they would give me no explanation on the price increase, would not call the manufacturer. Basically said pay the $500 or take your business elsewhere because that is our price and we have no control over price. Even if it is a manufacturer price increase for a generic that WAG can't control, you'd think they would at least have a little intellectual or business curiosity about it. But no, just automatons filling prescriptions at whatever price comes up, no questions asked. If it was for me I wouldn't care so much, but i happen to be a dog lover and would like to see him live another year or two.

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    • They probably found out you were scaming them. $67.99 sounds low. What are you using for a Rx?

    • So I take it your dog has pulmonary arterial hypertension. You might have to talk to your vet about treatment alternatives if price is an issue, because it is what it is. Take your beef up with the manufacturer (Pfizer), not the retail supplier, who simply adds a set dispensing fee to the manufacturer cost.
      And your last line " If it was for me I wouldn't care so much, but i happen to be a dog lover and would like to see him live another year or two" makes no sense whatsoever! What does that mean....that you could care less if you lived another year or two if it was you that had to be on the med? So if you would be okay paying that price for yourself and you love your dog so much, then you would be ok doing the same for your dog, right? Let's face it, your are complaining about the price period, whether it be for your dog or for you.
      Treatments like this didn't exist a few years ago, so the dog would have dealt with the condition as is. Yes, it is expensive and that sucks, so choices have to be made. But don't come here to the WAG board and get all indignant that this is Walgreens doing.

    • Revatio? Does your dog have ED? or are you making your own blue pills?

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