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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Mar 6, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    Maybe it is time to start buying Rite Aid

    In my opinion of course Walgreens stock hit close to a 52 week high at 41.77. It decreased afterwards and the stock lost close to 2.00. Maybe it is time to jump ship and buy Rite Aid before earnings come out. Maybe you could recoup some of your losses. Maybe you could short Walgreens stock. When a stock is at a high level, it falls a lot faster than it rises in my opinion of course especially if a lot of people start shorting it. Yes, check out my book on Amazon called I love money Money is good Money is Green I see a lot of Green in this stock. That is the title of my book. Unfortunately I do not see a lot of green in this stock.

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    • I have to hear your dribble on the rad board now here you go on the wag board, I know no one is buying the book, we get that but spring for some advertisement and stop trying to sell it for free. My quess are the royalites are not going well and you need to pay for the printing costs. If you short the stock, you pay for the dividens, unlike rad that is when they pay you to be patient.