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  • harnashezbollah harnashezbollah Mar 20, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    leap year vs non-leap

    I invested many years and owned cvs, esrx, wag, rad, ctrx, walmart, etc for many times.
    Listen the call.

    CEO made a comment about 2012 leap year multiple times to justify the bad revenue/earnings. That is a great sign to get out from that stock or go short.
    Yes 1 extra day will have about 1.2% impact to qtr numbers, but everyone knows that and no need to highlight 8 times during one hour.

    All the deals, booth, abc, sound great on the surface. But WAG will use those to cover their main store issues.
    Did you notice, their express scripts deal did not help them to increase the RX numbers year of year? WHY?

    I was listening to see if it is worth to go long here, but now i am looking for a techincal indicator to go SHORT. Chart is just too good right now for the short. I can see WAG in 34 to 37 range in few months.