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  • cc43578 cc43578 Apr 25, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    I Hereby Declare this Board yank(idiot)-free

    I have single-handedly banished the mega-idiot 'yank' from this board.


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    • I actually agree. You and your multi-ID's that fool nobody have run me and all other intelligent posters off this message board. This board used to average 150 posts per day, some were topical, some were stupid, some were pumps and some were dumps... but there was meaningful discussion, entertainment, posted links that were often relevent band a lot of discussion that occasionally contained a nugget or two of value to investors.

      Now there is an intelligence VACUUM with nothing but spam and childish bickering between you and bashersuit, who is equally culpable, both here and on the CVS message board.

      So enjoy your great victory, jerk, because YOU WON by rendering this message board worthless, dead and populated only by morons.



    • You cc43578 are the idiot:

      Your abuse of social media is what has caused the fall in investor confidence, Should you have followed Wags Managers and this BoD's decisions you would have addressed risk management issues this company is involved in..
      Are U even aware that Walgreens has put up its Corp offices on the Sale Block.
      Good Care and Good faith is the issue to be addressed, not your pumping nonsense......

      GLTAL investors!!