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  • angelaplumer angelaplumer May 1, 2013 10:24 AM Flag


    I am not a scammer just sending a littiel note - my son was here visiting from joint base lewis mcchord and i went to walgreens to fill a prescription for my grandbaby and was told at walgreens that WE DO NOT ACCPET TRICARE. So walgreens will no even support troops. So what does everyone thinnk!! I was unaware but i plan to spread the word!!! So #$%$ walgreens does this. CANNOT EVEN HELP OUR MEN AND WOMEN!!! AND TRICARE IS THE BIGGEST ENTITY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

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    • You are right Angela they could have gotten themselves the Tri Care contract just like Rite Aid did, but they didn't want to play ball. Wag wants to be the drugstore for the rich only. Problem is the rich aren't stupid enough to pay more for a fancy name over the door.

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      • Here's the actual press release:

        "Last Fall, Walgreen tried to negotiate the TRICARE renewal separately from Express Scripts’ commercial business, offering “an ironclad guarantee that Walgreens prices would match or beat the average costs per adjusted prescription of all other pharmacies in the Tricare network.” (source) Walgreen even trumpeted a petition signed by 250,000 TRICARE beneficiaries, “demanding access to Walgreens pharmacies under the TRICARE pharmacy program.”

        "Despite the fact that Walgreen and Express have kissed and made up, the Department of Defense’s TRICARE program decided not to add Walgreen back into their network."

    • I think it is very odd that you bring this discussion to a stock message board. It reminds me of Yank a few years back complaining about an advertised item or coupon or some such minor complaint and sticking around to bash Walgreens, then bash this message board and anyone who disagreed with him for several years. I can tell you are not yank, but your motivation is similarly suspect.

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      • Your memory is conveniently erratic and imprecise. I initially came to this message board as an angry customer, unable to get satisfaction after being blown off by store management and the corporate 800#. Then when I came to this board since I was also an investor in Walgreens, the cadre of WAG employees that populated this board insulted, mocked, mimic'd and libeled me relentlessly, reinforcing the utter disdain that Walgreens employees had for taking care of customer complaints. They wanted scorched earth, so they got scorched earth.

        I sold my 30K+ shares of WAG stock some years ago after making virtually nothing on it while the rest of the market made major gains. My family still owns somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million shares. Why don't you just let sleeping dogs die instead of reinstigating more negativity towards this company?



    • This is tricare's position not walgreens. Research first before you make an uninformed statement. You must also support obama

    • That is a Tricare decision not Walgreens. Walgreens was not happy losing Tricare patients. A Walgreens rph