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  • annehking55 annehking55 May 7, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

    Buyout target just read this

    Forgive me But RAD is a buyout target Walmart or Target would serve there share holders well. You get 4700 stores plus pharmasicts plus GNC store in a store Plus the very profitable rapidly expanding In store doctor clinic. for $ 7.5 pre share and 6 billion in debt all for 13 billion Now that's a bargin

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    • Rite Aid April Same store sales v Walgreens April SSS

      front-end, 2012 (-2.2% )
      2013 ( - 4.3%)
      prescription count 2012 (-8.4% )
      2013 ( +6.3%)

      Rite Aid
      front-end 2012 (+2.7%)
      2013 (-3.5%)
      prescription count 2012 (+3.8%)
      2013 (-0.20%) .. that's 1/5th of a percent!!!!

      How the heck can any analyst worthy of being taken seriously be writing headlines exclaiming that WAGS beat RAD in April?!!!

      It is this willful ignorance and omission of facts from articles that tell me not to trust the writers because if they are so stupid as to say April shows RAD losing the majority of the gained EXRX customers back to Walgreens then they are either disingenuous shorts or not good at analyzing and should therefore be ignored.

      All longs please copy an re-paste this many times over the next month until we get earnings in June.