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  • augie9876 augie9876 May 9, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Live Store survalance

    OK I’m walking into Walgreens; there were three cars in the parking lot.
    One person behind the counter just welcomed me. Walking down the front aisle, not one customer in sight, two employees joking in the candy aisle, OK I see a customer looking at magazines’ walking towards the Pharmacy, one pharmacist behind the counter just smiled at me. OK I’m walking towards the front of store, in the makeup section employee approaching me. They asked me if I needed help told them I was just looking, I said to them kind of slow here, she said yea I know and walked away. OK heading the front door empty handed, Oh there is some one at the RED BOX, OK on my way to CVS will report soon.

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    • Ok just found a parking space lots of cars parked here, heading inside. WOW the line is five deep at the front register and the photo area has four customers waiting. Customers in almost every aisle. The Card aisle has customers looking at Mothers day cards. Heading to the Pharmacy, Five people behind the counter and still a line for prescriptions. Now this place is busy. I think I’ll buy a card for Mom on my way out. Well this was interesting what a difference. I invite any other poster to try the same thing and see if they get the same results.

      Nuff said Augie