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  • abdirayale abdirayale Jul 4, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    Question, options WAG..

    Hi, please help me understand,. Bought WAG call options the other day, August $44 for $1.66 premium. Obviously, the stock didn't go below $44 but yet my funds are showing I have lost money about $90. How can that be? I am still learning but felt confident to make my frist trade, didn't put a whole lot money on the line just enough to make get a feel for options trading. Thanks.

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    • Abdirayale:, do yourself a big favor and get out of this trade, buy the stock if you believe there is a upside!!.

      Walgreens, McDonald and others are now being investigated over debit cards issued to their employees instead of a certified bank check.
      This, IMHO will evolve into a full federal investigation of these employers, who are gaming the GAAP rules.
      This involves financial returns for interest on millions of dollars held by the employer... until employee redemption and something called money float that the employer benefits from!!
      This will get ugly and will expose why the company store had been ruled illegal in the past..
      I am not an accountant, but have spoken to one CEO that thinks this has helped their low income workers, However, admitted the Company benefited from this type of payment also.

      A Economic PHD was part of this conversation and was SHOCKED that this was Allowed...

      A rule on Investing, you never want the government questioning you Companies Accounting practice.

      Good luck to you..



      Sentiment: Sell

    • You have a transient loss due to the underlying stock price going down, and some time premium erosion. You should hope the stock rises above 46 soon to profit...