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  • jeffandbrenda jeffandbrenda Jul 10, 2013 9:42 PM Flag

    insider trading?

    tell me the market isn't fixed, look at todays volume .....up 3%.,,,,,,,,,,,,,then a dividend increase announcement..................I suppose its just a coincidence

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    • You are 100% correct. I'm surprised there isn't some sort of article or red flag or something that popped up. I'm a long term WAG holder, so the news is great, the pop was nice, but what the hell?? 16 mil shares exchanging hands? The whole day I was watching WAG go up on serious volume and could not figure out what was going on, then at 4pm they increase the dividend...suspect!

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      • I've got to disagree with you. If you have followed WAG for any length of time, or if you followed the yahoo headlines on WAG, you knew that a dividend increase was imminent. WAG price increased by 2.44%, 2.47% and 3.01% on Mon, Tues, Wed. Each day the volume picked up. It was a combination of the universal knowledge that WAG was oversold after q3 earnings miss and that a dividend increase was imminent. Management and BOD has no history of leaking important news, and did not do so here. You should have seen it coming. I did. See my post, just before noon Wednesday.