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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 22, 2013 1:52 AM Flag

    Walgreens Rx managers filling U'r script

    Incase Walgreens investors have not followed Retail Drug store news , Which I'm sure is the case with this investment board and its topics..
    Walgreens largest competitor CVS, has just installed a Rx filling robotic system just 50 miles from Walgreens Corp Head Quarters, than can fill over 50 million prescriptions a year by robots..
    There are No legacy cost here to account for!!!

    You see folks most Prescriptions drugs now are just a commodity, and example is The generic version of Lipitor.. is now being givin away free by some Grocery Food stores.
    Differential In retail drugs is just a buzz word for the smart investors to reseach,, these folks Know.. low cost from a quality controlled manufacture always wins.

    Good Luck too you all..


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    • beach it seems like you can't address the board without passing out insults. The condescending tone of your posts certainly grows old. That's especially true since you rarely have anything of value to post. Why would you make a point of CVS installing a robotic filling system 50 miles from WAG HQ's. What difference does it make where they are located? CVS mail-orders a lot of rx's and I don't care if they come from Illinois, Arizona, or Thailand. Location of a mail-order fulfillment center has no bearing on the competition. Also Mr."drugs now are just a commodity". What does that mean? Drugs have always been a commodity. There are many commodities for sale in this world. Some have low margins and some have high margins. Margins in retail pharmacy have been improving despite lower reimbursement rates from most PBM's. Further, pharmacists are being paid by some PBM's for managing patient therapy. This is a relatively new development in retail pharmacy, so we are actually somewhat less commodity driven than we were 5 years ago. I have no problem with grocery stores giving away atorvastatin. They have been giving away low cost antibiotics for years. WalMart is several years into their $4 generic strategy which Walgreen has refused to match and yet Walgreen is thriving. July same store sales were up 6% overall and 9% in the pharmacy. Walgreen is busy integrating wholesale and retail pharmacy and doing it internationally.

      So CVS can do as they wish, grocery stores can do as they wish, mass merchandisers can do as they wish and independent pharmacies can do as they wish. Walgreen always has a strategy to counter their competition, and it never involves giving away commodities or services.

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      • Hen:
        It sounds like you have an problem with information investors use in making buy or sell decisions with there money.
        Public companies such as Wag, CVS and RAD use shareholders money and set a future direction on how best to deploy assets so these Corporations hold and grow there share of the market.

        If you had paid attention, Drug reimbursements are projected to go lower from current levels..
        To make this Simple for you to understand, Farmers used to plow there fields by hand today they use machines..

        Please do Tell us how Flag ship store investments deals with a declining income issue for 65% of revenue,