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  • mickeyjr.5150 mickeyjr.5150 Sep 13, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    $ 10 minimum wage hits Calf. and this will hurt wag but not RAD

    RAD is a better price to sales

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • RAD's lack of exposure to California offers them no advantage whatever. WAG and CVS, both retail powerhouses in CA will simply increase prices as will every retailer in the state. The result of increases in minimum wage is always inflation and, within a few months, the minimum wage earner will have the same buying power he had before the wage increase. The only way for workers to improve their lifestyle is to make themselves more valuable to their employer and thus earn wages above entry level. If entry level is $8 per hour and changes tomorrow to $16 per hour then a gallon of milk will go from $3 to $6 (nothing gained). If entry level is $8 per hour and you acquire skills to earn a raise to $10 per hour you can buy 25% more milk. Of course if you want a whole bathtub of milk, your best bet is to tout garbage stocks relentlessly. Then, as the stock price rises, you sell your shares (or even go short) even as you recommend others to buy. Sound familiar Mickey?, errr.. I mean hiltonhead, errr.. I mean annehking or whoever you feel like being today.