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  • hotstock13 hotstock13 Sep 19, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    Weak management?

    WAG management is telling its employees to go find their own medical plan. Rather than employ a divide and conquer strategy, why doesn't management really help its employees by being more proactive to reduce its medical costs? Medical payers (corporations, insurance companies, and public pension funds), must start telling doctors and hospitals which tests to use to lower medical costs (yes, medical costs can be lowered). And Congress must give Medicare the authority to tell doctors which tests to use to lower its medical costs too. Currently, we are acquiescing to the medical field. They should be serving us, not the other way around.

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    • That's quite an argument : "divide and conquer".

      Giving the employees many more options is not exactly "telling its employees to go find their own medical plan". Employees now get to tailor the wider variety of plans to their own economic situation, instead of Walgreens just saying---you have only 2 choices, take it or leave it.

      You're not terribly bright, are you?

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      • Getting medical benefits on their own, employees will have to pay far more than a group rate under Walgreen's umbrella policy (it's called economies of scale). Why do you think employees hate this new trend? You're not economically bright, are you? As an example, Microvolt T-Wave Alternans (MTWA) is a non-invasive test to determine who is susceptible to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (a recent victim was Mr. Gandolfini of 'The Sopranos' fame). It's been FDA approved for more than a decade, yet doctors and hospitals won't use it because they have a conflict of interest: they make much more money using invasive electrophysiology (EP). EP costs $9,000 while MTWA costs but a few hundred dollars. WAG has more clout with the medical profession than the individual to reduce medical costs. For more information about MTWA, Google those letters.