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  • ladykbhunter ladykbhunter Sep 20, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

    WAG vs RAD Rite Aid

    which is better now

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    • Are you really asking the question? RAD has debt exceeding it's market cap. Based on profitability of the trailing 12 months RAD would require more than 26 years to pay off their debt if they spent every nickel of profit on debt reduction. That's assuming they paid no interest, which is obviously not the case. RAD has been a company plagued with controversy and poor management for many years. They have finally showed a small profit over the last few quarters due to windfall profits of brand drug patent expirations. That's a situation which can't be repeated, as there is no potential for that amount of brand expirations in one year again. WAG meanwhile has been profitable for more than 100 years. They project doubling revenues over the next 3 years with international expansion and vertical integration of retail and wholesale pharmacy. WAG pays a generous dividend which is increased every year. RAD pays no dividend and will not for a long time, if ever. Walgreen expands methodically and has a long history of successful corporate management. RAD does not expand, will probably need to contract. Their history of corporate management is largely corrupt. RAD has no expansion plans, they are just trying to eke out a small profit by controlling expenses.