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  • hiltonhead1154 Nov 20, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    The next one to follow AMD $3.43

    Look at the short in AMD 120mil. That sure is a lot of fire wood with just 500mil in the float. Compared to RAD 900 mil in float and 30mil short. Both will do well but I believe AMD has another great pop up it's sleeve. This xbox and playstation should really boost the next quarter. Price target Dec. 2013 $ 3.95 and $ 5.95 Dec. 2014. I still like my RAD

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    • AMD micro server boss welcomes the age of ARM-based servers (interview)

      Google it.
      Andrew Feldman, corporate vice president and general manager of Advanced Micro Devices’ server chip business, showed off working 64-bit ARM-based processors for servers last week at the Open Compute Project summit last week in San Jose, Calif.

      AMD plans to disrupt the huge x86 (Intel-based) server chip market by using smaller and more power efficient ARM cores in AMD-designed server processors. Feldman is leading that charge, and he says the company will ship ARM-based server chips this year. He predicts that ARM server chips will be 25 percent of the data center market by 2019. If that happens, that’s a big blow against Intel.

      AMD isn’t going toe to toe with Intel in designing super-fast server chips anymore. And that may be its path to riches, according to Feldman. Its chips won’t need giant air conditioning systems.

      AMD’s shift is disruptive in another way. An x86 (Intel-based) processor takes three years and $300 million to develop. Creating an ARM processor can take as little as three months and $30 million. Intel, however, says that the chip that Feldman talked about has weaker performance and higher power consumption than Intel’s Atom C200 (code-named Avoton) processors that started shipping last September. Based on what AMD unveiled last week, Intel believes it has a 65 percent advantage in performance per watt of power consumed. Intel also notes that the ARM chips aren’t necessarily arriving on the schedule that was originally promised.

      Here’s an edited transcript of our interview with Feldman. We’re sure that his words will infuriate Intel.

    • Take another look at AMD Yesterdays news they partnered with ARMH This should move AMD up fast.

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