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  • youcntoo youcntoo Apr 14, 2014 8:12 PM Flag

    CVS wins bigtime if this happens

    The prospect of this inversion is ridiculous for Walgreens/Boots to consider. The people at Goldman know that but they are here just for the transaction revenue it can create while this is going on. Think about this. Walgreens is a 100% Consumer Based Company....That is a completely different scenario than GE, Caterpillar or some other large conglomerate taking operations or manufacturing oversees. Walgreens is a name and a place where almost all Americans have done some business...How many GE or Caterpillar stores have you been in lately?.....The consumer is very brand loyal and still very American. CVS will have a heyday if they can advertise that they are an American Company paying and supporting the US Tax system unlike their competitor, Walgreens. To me this looks more like a power struggle with Boots trying to gain an upper hand in the management of the company. Walgreens has lost two PR battles in the past 4 yrs...They lost the battle with Express Scripts and CVS came out on top in sentiment with their move to stop selling tobacco products. The financial saving in tax that this move would save would be lost in quick order. Walgreens revenue in the US would drop quickly and stores would have to be closed......maybe that is really what Goldman and the folks at Boots would like to see happen....Interesting one to follow here