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  • stonecoldtrader stonecoldtrader Apr 23, 2014 5:18 AM Flag

    Walgreens is stealing form your kids


    Taxes and subsidies
    I will make this simple so even the socialist can understand. If the government wants more of something it will subsidies it and gives that area of the economy money. If they want less of something they will tax it and take money from that area. Subsidies increase demand of limited resources making the cost go up.
    The reason why health care is so expensive is it is heavily subsidized by the government. Subsidies increase demand for healthcare. Not to mention the waste and fraud that is inherent in any government program. This is where insurance companies come in. Health insurance was created during the depression. The president at the time put a freeze on wages so companies compensate their employees with health insurance. They also subsidies the insurance companies by not taxing income used for health insurance. In return the insurance companies give large donations to politicians.
    You can see the cost of procedures that are not covered by health care have come down. Lasik surgery is a good example. The supply and demand are equalized by the invisible hand of capitalism. The cost has come down because of technological innovation.
    The government now owes over $17 trillion dollars. Go to your Human resources and tell them you do not want pharmacy benefits. You can pay cash for your medication. Tell your State Representatives you do not want them to support Pharmacy Benefit Managers . Do not let them put this great debt on your children.

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    • Health insurance came into being during the wage and price controls of WWII, not the Great Depression. And you're missing one big reason why healthcare is so expensive, and that is end of life care, when hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs are racked up trying to keep someone alive for just a few more weeks. So if you want to lower healthcare costs for your kids, go tell your insurance company that you don't want those end of life healthcare benefits.