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  • bond1960 bond1960 May 12, 2014 8:43 PM Flag

    WAG will move higher if it makes a move to Europe.

    or it will stayed where it is at now.

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    • I agree WAG would get a nice boost in the stock price for making the move to Switzerland. They would lose a little business for a while, but the difference in taxes would more than make up for it, much more. On the other hand they could use the threat of moving to gain some concessions from government in Chicago and from the Feds. I'm sure Chicago wants to keep the headquarters there and would likely make some effort to make it worthwhile for Walgreens. Management could also pressure the U.S. to allow Walgreens back in the Tricare plan. When Walgreens made up with Express Scripts last year, the dept. of defense opted not to sign back on with Walgreens. That's a pretty big piece of business and could bolster domestic sales significantly. I'm sure there are other areas too where government could make an effort to influence Walgreens decision. Regardless of how that plays out, domestic growth opportunities for Walgreens are limited and they will become more and more an international player. If I were in Wassom's shoes, I think I would make the move to Europe. The long term benefits are great and I would not like to be psychologically indebted to the White House or any other government entity.