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  • sdoabbot sdoabbot Dec 3, 1997 11:36 PM Flag

    Keep stock low key

    I don't know how many in California, but the plan is for at least 1000 more total stores by the year 2000. A very aggressive growth plan. I was an assistant mgr for 9 years. Very well run company for us stock holders. The great thing about WAG is that all expansion is funded with cash. No Debt.

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    • I just sent for an application for WAG DRiP since it now can be bought for $50.00 initial payment direct from company. As an invester do you like Walgreen more in the next year than Walmart or Wendys?. I don't have as much money this year as I'd like to invest so I'm trying to make it stretch, and the Tech stocks seem to be in a ragged mood of late (at least they seemed to have shown a remarkable ability to lose ME money).

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      • The NAIC just reciently took WAG off it's recommended DRIP list due to new excessive fees. Other than that I like the stock but maybe not at present prices. Try other stocks like MO, PG, DBD, SVM, CAG etc. you may like them better. But again WAG is a good company to own At least I think so.

      • Wait till you see all the charges and how they apply on a percentage basis. If you only have a little to invest stay
        away. This is not to say Walgreens is bad. If you have a lot
        it is a good investment.

      • I work for Walgreens and wished I had started
        sooner. I bought Wag stocks a couple of years ago, but
        sold them for a down payment on a new house. Ugh!!!
        Shouldn't have!!! It's worth triple or more what I bought
        it for a couple of years ago. My husband trades tech
        stocks, too, and he keeps losing money on it, too. Last
        year I bought WAG at about $27 in June I believe. It's
        now worth $54 as of Nov. 16, 1998. I now put about
        10% of my paycheck into WAG stocks to offset my
        husband's losses. Good luck!!!

      • Walgreens is a very solid company and if use use the Drip plan and put in consistently for many yearsw it will pay off. I work for them and buy stock with a % from my check. It really adds up especially since it split this year and I think 2 or 3 years ago also.

      • i don't know very much about wendys or walmart so i really can't say. Having worked for Walgreens though, from a stockholders perspective, I am very excited about the future. Mr. Jorndt is really a master at what he does,President. They are always attempting to cut costs and they are not afraid to invest in technology that can help do that! Go WAG!!!

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