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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Jan 7, 1998 12:43 AM Flag

    A comparison...

    You know, when you do the research, WAG looks better or just as good as its competitors: Arbor, Horizon, Rite Aid, Long Stores...

    All except JCP. That's right, JC Penney.

    I'm beginning to wonder if WAG should have ever split in the first place.

    With the amount of revenue coming in and the number of new stores built in the past year, I'm more interested in finding out how new stores did comparing sales in the third year to that of the second year. Heck, let's give it to them and say they did increasingly better.

    What then?

    I think the most important aspect is that investors will be looking for a safe haven this year from companies with links to Asia. Last I checked, Walgreen's is not out there. Pharmaceutical retail will benefit greatly from a Merck Sales force which realizes they have a few years left before patents expire. I really think that America is driving this industry upwards with their pill for every ailment thinkingt. Aging baby boomers are buying.

    There are no numbers for these types of observations. Growth in the pharmaceutical industry means growth for Walgreen's. Don't forget about new products coming to the market and the fact that Walgreen's has a "front" as well. You know, cosmetics, photography, discount electronics, yada yada yada...

    It's all talk...Walgreen's is a safe haven from the market volatility period.

    Some numbers...48% of Walgreen's stock is held.

    Don't know why Walgreen's doesn't trade with more volume? Could it be that the stock is held by their employees. You see, their employees can purchase the shares at a discount. Uh-oh, there's that word again...

    Some insider trading, selling of Walgreen's by insiders could be a sign.

    Other than that, Walgreens continues to meet earnings, and has consistently done so. They don't post enough bad news or good news and the stock is stable.

    Why get out? Why project Walgreen's lower? No one can predict how these new stores are going to do even if they are replacements. Don't forget about Walgreen's mail-order pharmacy service.