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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Jan 14, 1998 11:41 PM Flag

    great store

    Good positive story for Walgreen's here...

    Except, Walgreen's doesn't ever have to dip below 30 again. Unless it needs more shares for its employees to buy or something like that, and splits again. Or, the market just tanks...

    If you like the company and you're long on Walgreen's, buy it.

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    • i have a lot of walgreens stock. that is for long term profit. i make my living as a trader, so i figure any more will be for fast profit. but i never buy a stock that i would not be willing to hold for at least 5 years if i misjudge the market. walgreens fits the bill on all counts. hey we all have our own plan right?

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      • No, I don't want to give advice. I'm sorry if you took it that way.

        I was only attempting to respond to this "$29" dollar figure for Walgreen's and all of the Walgreen's stock in the 20's news that you can scroll back and read about.

        Certain people on this board have thrown out numbers about Walgreen's stock in the 20's without any piece of fundamental evidence. It irritates me when these people who have obviously shorted Walgreen's wants to panic people who may come across this board for the first time.

        Walgreen's average daily volume is 400K per day. There are 400mil shares of Walgreen's available.

        Nike's volume is 1million shares per day. There are 175 million shares of Nike available.

        Basically, the people who own Walgreen's are mostly educated employees. Maybe they even participate in Walgreen's profit sharing program or stock share purchase program where they buy Walgreen's stock at a 10% discount.

        Then someone says Walgreen's stock 20-25. People in this program (share purchase program) can't sell immediately, so people here and on other message boards might as well save their breath. If they do sell immediately, they'll pay a hefty commission that wouldn't be worth the sale unless they had a ton of stock held over the years.

        And look what's happened to Walgreen's recently...amidst the Asian turmoil, Walgreen's has nothing to do with Asia, yet...Walgreen's is involved in an industry that's forecasted to expand. Walgreen's stores are in the US and Puerto Rico and there are over 2,000 of them. Walgreen's fundamentals looks as good as any of the others except for JCP, which we know has other businesses besides Eckerd's.

        Sorry for the long post and explanation...