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  • JENKS98 JENKS98 Mar 26, 1998 8:54 PM Flag


    WAG is due to release earnings next week according to the news. I didn't expect it to come so soon. With the worries about
    Asia, what do you think will happen when Walgreens has another record quarter, domestically. Why worry about Asia, buy WAG. Does
    anybody know anything about that 250,000 share trade today? I didn't see if it was a down tick or up tick, but I don't think there
    was an authorized insider trade for that much. If it was a short, why would they short today and not yesterday, and why short
    when WAG is due to pop again. I assume it was either a buy or a really wacky trader that is not following WAG closely enough. WAG
    was up to 35 3/8 than The Trade knocked it down to 34 3/4. Kind of blew the whole day because the stock was running up. If it
    was a short, I am sure they were surprised when WAG didn't tank, it just has to much strength to the upside in this range. There
    are way too many shorts already that have to buy in before WAG pops and earnings come out. We will see, maybe that trader will
    get squeezed tomorrow and be forced to buy back in if he/she hadn't done so by close today. Anybody have info? Speak Up Please.