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  • alejporter alejporter Apr 10, 1998 3:23 PM Flag

    LEAP shot up 30% to $4 ! - Internet Mark

    LEAP is red hot ! --> A great company like THNK on the fly!!! Will be $10 soon....

    Internet advertising is exploding right off the roof now! THNK shot up from $7 to $33 within a few short days! DoubleClick is red hot! LEAP trading at $4 is dirt cheap comparing to THNK or DoubleClick!

    "LEAP" has a list of Fortune 500 clients which includes American Airlines, Anheuser Busch, MCI, Sprint, Rockwell, etc.. LEAP just signed up MSNBC and Niketown as their major clients..check out the moving advertising banners LEAP did for them..very very cool!!!

    This baby will be $10 soon, possibly $20 by the end of April.. no kidding. The trend is here so follow the trend, Internet advertising is red HOT, DoubleClick is hot too.

    NWRE - thin clients have huge potential too, now trading at
    $3 3/8. Expect to close above $4 Monday!

    All the Internet stocks are going to be up today cuz of Yahoo's exceptional earnings report!!!

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    • I find it odd that you would urge people to buy a particular stock, yet you offer no credentials that could be verified independently. When you say LEAP is cheap at $4 per share, how did you arrive at such a reckless conclusion? Perhaps it is over valued at $4.00, but you probably have not bothered to look at their balance sheet. Please spare me your gratuitous advice which would be worthless to anyone who knew anything on how to value and estimate companies for potential investments.

    • touting your garbage on various boards; saw it on IOM and WAG only it was proj by you @ 12 on the other board!