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  • lovevultures lovevultures Apr 15, 1998 10:28 AM Flag


    Does anyone have any advice in the short term?
    I need to sell by mid May ( I need the money) .
    the price has been sluggish lately, and I am contemplating selling.

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    • Sorry, I have mistaken thorazine for thioridazine or piperidine. I did not know whether zyprexa is a brand name for
      olanzapine or not (wasn't required on my pharm test). I just want to point to the fact that amwag9 could be a pharmacist who got fired
      by Walgreen. I will be more careful next time when I post medical info on the board. So, I guess you must be working for
      Walgreen. Like many people on this message board, I own some walgreen stocks, and I really need to know what's going on at walgreen?
      Any comments?

    • For your medical info thorazine is a brand name drug for chlorpromazine and zyprexa is a brand name drug for olansapine. the two are not the same. get your facts straight.

    • Once a board is infested with this type of maggot, it never recovers.

      For your information, maggot, the First Amendment applies to governmental restrictions of freedom of speach. A commercial enterprise, such as Yahoo, can restrict speech so long as it does not violate the Civil Rights Act (i.e., Yahoo is not restricted by the First Amendment).

      Yahoo does not do so because it would be economically unfeasible. But that doesn't make you any less of a maggot.

      This is about the 9th time that I've had to explain the First Amendment on a message board. It seems that every board has a juvenile maggot who delights in flinging insults.

    • Only until you learn correct punctuation, and learn how to construct a grammatically sound sentence will you earn some semblance of credibility. Fortunately, this will never happen.

    • It's clear the biggest nut is in Atlanta. You claim to have all this video, yet you have not produced a shred of evidence. Your resolution is to "dust" Walgreens. Buddy, you are a militia of one, AND the reason we have gun control in this country.

    • The answer is "nada". All I did was: film their dozens of
      stores selling expired products.

      Thanks for the inquiry. Now, back to my PDR.

    • And all those nuts went to Ca.,did'nt they?

    • Somebody call security. They lost one.

    • Were you a pharmacist working for Wag and got fired lately? Normally a person won't know that thorazine is a generic name for Zyprexia which is a neuroleptic, or better yet an antipsychotic, unless you had extensive contacts with medical personnels or you are taking them.

    • OY!OY!OY!OY! WOWEEEEE! You,re a real genuine attorney? Golly,
      You must have been doing lines of bad coke during all those
      CONSTITUTIONAL LAW classes, or was your GPA a 1.3,or, very
      likely,you're as much of an atty. as Monica LEBOWSKY >><LOL<<
      ie,you're NOT an attorney.

      Ever heard of the FIRST AMENDMENT??? Don't like my posts??

      Then, as we say here in this country: GO F*** YOURSELF.Now
      get back to your little cubicle, LOSER!!!!!!!

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