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  • tanger64 tanger64 Apr 21, 1998 7:48 PM Flag

    why the slow

    Movement? With a solid co. like Wag, stock should have hit
    40.00 by now. Anyone have any ideas????
    Employee spouse keeps on buying, thinking that" just" 4 more
    splits will allow very early retirement.

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    • Yes, the price has been locked in a 35 trading area lately. I bought in at 27 last fall: that's 29% in 8 months. I don't
      mind it taking a breather--I've been playing in the market for 30 years now--the biggest change lately is the greed
      factor-everybody, it seems wants immediate gratification to double a stock price in a short time. If that's your expectation, WAG is not for
      you. Realistically, a 15-20% average growth would be great. Earnings growth of WAG is in that area or maybe a little less-thus,
      you can figure out what the average stock appreciation should be. WAG is in my portfolio so I can gamble with other stocks.

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      • Thank you for your comments. All I said was that given PAST history, growth is off 50% from this time last year. We have and will continue to add to our shares as we have done for the past few Years. Given the solid nature of WAG ie 00.00 debt you'd
        think that this would be an accumulate for more people.
        LLLOOONNNGGG on WAG 4 Sure

    • I just recently left CRW as a MGR after 14 years, because of the long hours, and I have and bought a ton of CRW stock banking on 4 splits also so I can retire early. Based on past track records I am not worried at all. GO WAG STOCK !!!!!!!!