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  • DripKid DripKid Jun 16, 1998 8:13 PM Flag

    do i have my head up my A- -

    I read earlier posted messages where some claim
    there is not much profit in the drug side of this kind
    of business, If this is the case I bought for the
    wrong reasons, I figured most people being lazy or in
    pain would go to wag because of the convience of the
    drive through and the 24 hr service, but if there is no
    money to be maid what good is a good idea? Did I buy
    into a dying horse or what.

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    • you are right the reason crw splits is because
      they want to keep their stock at a price where
      everybody can invest.... but they usually do not split
      until the price hits 50 and holds for awhile i do not
      look for a split for another year based upon past
      years info. i have bought and held crw stock for 15
      years and have made alot of money over a long period of
      time, it is a great stock to buy and hold for a long
      time i have never been worried about it's performance.
      GO WAG'S

    • WAG is a sound stock pick. Just look at its growth record. There is plenty of money to be made in the front of the store and the rear. Just stay in for the long haul and enjoy the capital gains.

    • Look, WAG is making money in the drug side. But
      how much varies state to state, and between stores
      and location. The first argument is how to improve
      profit margins for Walgreen's.

      Next, there is
      another debate, unrelated to Walgreen's. Whether
      Pharmacists should be given authority to advise patients who
      come into their stores and be compensated. I say that
      this is an act of goodwill, others claim advising
      customers merits compensation.

      Walgreens makes
      money. Tens of billions of dollars pass through their
      stores each month. Hundreds of millions are profit. It
      may be per quarter, anyhow...I think Walgreens can
      improve on this.

      That's all...