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  • POB22 POB22 Jun 22, 1998 2:04 PM Flag

    WAG (Stock Split)

    I have had WAG for 10 years and I will never
    sell. This is basically because this stock has done
    nothing but make me money. Also, when to take into
    account that there will be more people over the age of 65
    in the year 2000 than any other time in history who
    do you think they are going to buy their medication
    from.......WAG all the way!!!!!!

    Now that WAG has finally
    broke the $40 barrier look for it to begin to pick up
    speed toward $50. Then it will split again!!

    love this stock - Long WAG!!!!

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    • Oh my God!!! I can't believe this. What you wrote
      are the same thing my husband and I always say.
      Especially the part that once it hits 40 it will pick up
      speed and split. that is amazing.!! The same thoughts.
      Good to know that.

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      • WAG close on top of its 40 $ resistance
        today...good sign.......The question is will it hold....WAG
        was up 5/16 today trade on nearly just half
        volume..This is good and bad......Good to see on such low
        volume...but bad because more volume would have represented
        buy ins at the 40 point which would give the stock
        are stronger base at this levels. We need to see this
        base hold strong for another week, then once the
        resistance is cleared it off to high grounds. The thing
        charging WAG the past weeks were the market corrections
        that bled money out of the tech stocks and big cap
        blue chips. This lead to some sector rotating into the
        retail sector since excellent earning were being
        release, which were even fueled by lower wholesale cost to
        retails because of the Asian crisis. The question is how
        long will the sector keep up. If we can see this
        continue right up through WAG 2Q earning report then we
        may see it break the 40 dollar resistance and
        continue up. (I'm told it is Mon. JUNE29-
        THis is a
        good sign since record breaking earnings are
        inevitable release on MON or Tue to give the stock a week to
        Rally. If it were on thur. fri. it would be negative
        sign.) My big Question is WHEN IS THE NEXT STOCK
        If we see a really fantastic earings suprise then we
        may see a rise to to 50 and a split, sooner that
        expected next JULY. My prediction for this quarter earning
        will be 37-38 cents/share. KEEPING WAG on line with a
        39.9 P/E at the end of '98 at the current price. ('98
        expected earing are 1.02 $ per share) Last years average
        P/E was 45.6 X earings so don't frett the high
        premium, investors are obviosly willing to pay a higher
        premium for well known companys with consistant growth.
        Rember YHOO calculate current P/E against only the sum
        of the earings earned thus far, look for the P/E to
        come down after 6-29-98. Source for data:

        The next week should be the critical week.

      • madison wi


        wag OWNS this city, 5 years, 5 new stores, great locations, ALWAYS busy, rumors of another soon. I MEAN OWNS IT!

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