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  • shareidea shareidea Jul 7, 1998 2:53 AM Flag

    I sense something is up !!

    Everybody probably is aware the P/E in this
    sector and it may include the drug sector tend to be
    high. This implies that the growth potential would
    justify for the high P/E. I am seeing lots of comments
    about the internet's stocks also have extremely high
    P/E. What I am reading on WAG is the

    1.) WAG may have good news to post, it may be a stock
    split, increase dividend or some fantastic way of
    generating higher profits that may be linked to internet
    drug prescription, etc..

    2.) Some good
    synetgetic acquistions,

    Apparantly, the street likes
    it a lot. All stocks definitely will go up and down.
    But, I am reading more into WAG. In any event, I love
    this stock, this is a fantastic company. We, all of
    the WAG stock investor shall say a big "thank you" to
    the top management for an excellent job done. They
    deserve it.