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  • bondsquad bondsquad Jul 13, 1998 5:37 PM Flag

    Questions for WAG employees...

    Those of you that follow other WAG boards may
    recognize these questions, so I apologize for the
    repetition. I'm just trying to cover as many people as I

    For WAG Pharms and other employees:
    I'm curious to
    hear more about your asessment of WAG management vis a
    vis employees, and whether you think their cost
    management could become a liability. I've noticed several
    other R.Ph.'s complaining of long hours, etc. on other
    boards. I also have a WAG near where I live that suffers
    from horrible pharmacy service. The problem seems to
    lie partly with the pharm in charge, but another
    R.Ph. told me that they get really lousy techs because
    they won't pay enough. I haven't noticed it as much at
    other WAGs, but if these kinds of problems are
    prevalent in other stores, I worry about how the company
    will cope with numerous new stores and the need to
    continue hiring staff. Also, an R.Ph. I know there said
    they were having a lot of problems with the new pharm
    systems. What's your asessment of that issue,
    and do
    you think that could be a liability with a
    significantly larger store base?


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    • I have news for you. That store has only been
      there for 2 or 3 years. That is how all the new Longs
      are. They all look old. Very nice Rite Aid in Lake
      Tahoe. Thats an hour from me. That store is strange
      looking. I have never been there. We go to Rite Aid up
      there. Big huge place and it sells everything. Sporting
      Goods, Fabric, Plants, everything! All the stores @
      Tahoe are old except for the Safeway in Roundhill (NV).
      It was old but new store built replacing 40+ yr old
      old dump. The Lucky there was remodeled, but so
      crowded they just can't keep it up. And the 2 Raleys are
      old also.

    • Longs stores look messy. I saw one in the Lake
      Tahoe area (CA side), and my impression of it was old.
      It wasn't remodled or anything, but for a fast
      growing area like Lake Tahoe, it deserves a newer store.

    • Yeah the stores are not bad, just not modern and
      have very high prices. Some Long's stores are better
      than others. Some older ones are getting quite junkey.
      As a whole they have pretty good stores, but not
      enough priv. label items and high prices.

    • Speaking of Longs, how about a run down from
      someone who knows something about the company, or has at
      least shopped at them a lot. I'm curious. I was in one
      in California that seemed pretty nice, but based on
      "storewanderer's" comments, I'd like very much to hear more.

    • The run down motel on the site where the first
      Reno WAG is going up is being knocked down! I can't
      wait for WAG! I am sick of crummy drug stores like
      Savon and Long's. Now WAG is coming. And hey so is Rite
      Aid. YIPPEE!! Competition for the greety stores: Savon
      and LONGS!

    • All stock split news are this time at purely
      speculative! I have checked with WAG and they have no comments
      or release about WAG will have any stock split. This
      will require a board approval.

      It may prehaps
      be suggested but nothing yet is considered
      "Official". Hang in there!!

    • It was a joke...lighten up. New on this board? Please. Go Bucs!

    • Why does people think that because I criticize
      WAG that I'm short on WAG...You're new to this
      board...all of you...

      Go back DOG, more than the last
      few posts...

      I'm long on WAG. One out of many

      If you're talking about our shortstop, he's the most
      unsung hero.

      By the way, no one in the bleachers
      would yell WAG sucks. They chant the names of each
      player in the first inning, starting from left field,
      until the player acknowledges them...

      Oh, yeah,
      no other ball park has that kind of fan loyalty. No
      one here would know what the "bleachers"

      To all you other guys, look up alias in the
      dictionary...Maybe I should have picked another. But Mantle's the
      best that ever walked the Earth...judging by number of
      World Series Championships won and last person to get
      the triple crown...

      Nough bout

      WAG should support the pharmacists, can the DM's
      cause they don't do any work, come up with more
      creative ideas than cost cutting.

      point...whoever shorts this stock is an idiot.

    • dont wake me up to thank me!

      your short is suckkkkiiinnnnn.

      later loser. steady is worth more.

    • I am a pharmacist, although not an expert on
      pharmacies, but I do get to see the Dallas Cowboys practice
      daily here in Wichita Falls, Tx. I also get to fill
      their scripts but unfortunately they don't come to the
      store to pick them up. We deliver and just let someone
      in the dorm sign for them. Go Cowboys and Walgreens

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