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  • Stewardlac Stewardlac Oct 6, 1998 11:58 AM Flag

    Five Day Projections for Walgreen


    I have just discovered a site that presents a
    five day stock projection for Walgreen Co. Look Ahead
    Charts provides a high low close graph with 20 days of
    history and a 5 day projection. The site is

    They claim that their projections are quite accurate.
    Kinda Cool!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • It is required in the 10-K filings.

    • <<<does anyone have the answer to a
      message of 10/12 regarding the ownership of shares by
      board members?>>>

      Off the top of my
      head no, but you can look at the proxy at the SEC
      Edgar site if you want. Here's the link (by the way the
      proxy is called a

    • Bob, how long must the stock stay above $50 a
      share before it splits?


      I've never
      seen quite as clear cut a pattern on how long it must
      stay above $50. When the stock is slowly rising with
      few declines along the way, it splits quickly. When
      the stock skyrockets with many drops thrown in, they
      wait longer to see if it truly is going to remain
      above $50. I would predict that if it stays above $50
      for 2 weeks, we will hear an announcement.


    • Look at a 5 year chart of this conservative
      investment. 24 straight years of record earnings growth. My
      most boring stock has made me more money than Intel,
      Apple, Compaq and all of the other rollercoaster
      investments I've made on devices you plug in to the wall. My
      90 year old mother said buy it and forget about it.
      I'm in their DRIP plan having bought my 1st share
      nearlt 3 years ago which is up over 400%.
      This is a
      Peter Lynch style stock, great company, great
      management and we just keep buying toothpaste & toilet paper
      and compounding our investments

    • Bob, how long must the stock stay above $50 a share before it splits?


    • An investor buys a stock for its potential. A
      trader buys a stock to make a quick buck (or lose it for
      that matter). Unfortunately you have made the mistake
      of many, trying to time the market. Buy and hold a
      good stock and you will not go wrong. WAGs has doubled
      in 52 weeks. My money has doubled just by doing
      nothing. Did appreciate your candor.

    • it has been posted in the past that the board at
      WAG has the following criteria for

      Stock above 50;
      Remains above 50 for at least 30

      If the above is satisfied, splits are rather
      automatic via the board resolution.

      I'm not
      guarenteeing that the above is completely accurate, only that
      it has been posted in the past as "fact", and sounds
      about right to me given the past history.

      luck to all longs.

    • A refreshing message on oe of these boards is a
      rare thing. Dont post to often but couldnt resist. I
      buy and hold Walgreens most of the last ten years
      never sold a share . Probably just give it to my kids.
      Hang in there I have no doubts you will be a good
      investor I can see it already!

    • sold last week for 44..I seem to buy high and
      sell low...maybe I need to change my prayers to the
      stockgods or just do the opposite of what my feelings tell
      me to do....I bought dell at 62 sold in a panic at
      48 and realized how stupid it was to panic about
      dell...bought back at just I
      dont worry about calls...someday I hope to mature into
      a good investor

    • Hey i sold 3,000 shares last week wednesday and
      started buying back on friday, monday, tuesday, and
      wednedday for a total of 600 shares. You will get another
      chance, it is a great company and if you dont
      trade...just buy it and forget about i am always
      watching the margin account.


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