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  • arya4 arya4 Nov 17, 1998 1:21 PM Flag

    WAG As a Store!

    The ones who are out there downing the stock are
    totally clue less. You want to look at the PE ratio,
    Fine. You want to look at other reports its fine. You
    think its a bad investment dont buy it, but since a
    year ago my investments has doubled. More than I can
    say on other stocks. Just go to a store and youll
    see. Stores are all clean, They all look the same so
    you allways know where to go. The employees are
    allways knowlegable and nice. They have great prices and
    the their pharmacy is great. I have had chances to
    move my prescription to other places but I wont
    because they are fast, effecient, cost effective, and
    nice at Walgreens. You dont have to bee a rocket
    scienctist to see this stock as a winner!

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    • My question to fellow WAG shareholders is this: Does anyone know the percentage of WAG outstanding shares that are currently in retirement (e.g., IRA or 401K) accounts?

      Thanks in advance.

      • 2 Replies to tabster69
      • Not only does alot of the employes own stock from
        E.S.P.P., but we can have up to 10% of the money we
        in our 401k to go toward Walgreen's stock. So that
        alot of us own stock, and probably will be holding on
        to it
        for several more years. In the store I work
        in, about half of us
        own stock in the E.S.P.P.. We
        feel that the stock will split
        after the first of
        the year, but hoping sooner just like the rest
        you. I personally own Walgreen's and Dell. They
        both been very good to me, but Walgreen's is a steady
        and Dell can make your stomack turn every which
        Walgreen's stock is a stock you buy and forget about
        It has done us all at work a "GREAT" job.

      • Why don't you go ask the employees

        Go back to my posts on WAG and read

        1) WAG employees get a 10% discount on the price of
        WAG stock.

        2) Some employees buy the stock by
        taking a percentage of their salary each

        3) Many employees own options in WAG stock, which
        they can't exercise until after two years of
        continuous employment. They got these options by first
        purchasing shares of WAG stock without a discount, totally
        separate from #1 and #2.

        Please refer to this post
        in later messages when individuals come in hoping to
        drive WAG stock down. It's not going to happen. I know
        people who have been with WAG for over 15 years, before
        the first ever WAG split...they have never sold a
        share yet...let's see, if they owned 100 shares
        pre-split, hmmm, four splits, these people may have over
        1600 shares held.

        More drugs, more customers,
        more people age...people procreate...need drugs...the
        movement of the universe is on the side of disorder...more
        people needing more medications...pharmaceutical
        companies needing to create new drugs, blockbusters to beat
        their own earnings expectations...WAG is perfect for
        such an environment.