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  • storewanderer storewanderer Nov 18, 1998 6:24 PM Flag


    RAD up, wag down!!! GO RAD!!!


    Oh well..... things that are RAD are better than things that WAG!

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    • The company has over 1 billion shares authorized and will authorize more at the next board meeting.

    • A company files its incorporation papers. In
      those papers it sets a number of shares it can issue.
      It cannot go over that number of shares without a
      change to the inc. papers. If the current number of
      shares is over 500 million, a 2 for 1 split CANNOT occur
      as it would place it place it over the authorized
      number of shares, no matter what the board would like to
      So, I ask again, does anybody know the
      authorized 3 of shares for WAG?

    • not a vote of the shareholders.

      WAG is a ROCK! Regardless of a so called high PE. What a company!

    • Anyone know how many? I just went through annual
      report, and 10K, and can't find a number.
      But, there
      are over 500,000,000 shares outstanding, assuming
      full dilution. If 1 billion shares are authorized,
      there would have to be an increase in # authorized to
      allow for another 2/1 split. I just recieved my annual
      report. Proxy for upcoming annual meeting has no mention
      of vote for increased # of shares...

    • I guess the P/E method works for stocks like
      awe shucks, have you missed out?

      Or, MSFT,
      yeah, the P/E method works there too...

      DELL is
      another good one...

      You see, P/E is the 80's
      method of identifying stocks...get with the

      People have been saying the internet stocks will adjust,
      have to adjust....and missing out...making them curse
      the stock, jump on the bandwagon and pound table on
      taking the stock down...then, the stock keeps going up,
      and up...

      Stock Market investors aren't
      geniuses...the guys which buy and sell stocks all day...they
      have no idea what the future will bring...and they
      aren't willing to bet on it...

      Bet on WAG if you
      think more and more people will start buying drugs to
      relieve pain, lower cholesterol...etc...our country is
      continually tagged as overweight, uneducated...I'll bet on
      the overweight part, McDonald's...PizzaHut...and buy
      WAG, where everyone has to go for medication...and
      Pfizer, for making the drugs possible...the next major
      disease to tackle is Cancer...face it, our people demand
      to live longer, want to grasp life longer...our
      scientists are among the best in the

      Uneducated? I'll bet on our Tech sector any day...we are
      leading the world in computers per household...and we
      have the companies which are leading the world...MSFT,
      too many to quote here...

      Demand will offset
      P/E...nothing wrong with high expectations...especially when
      the company hasn't failed to deliver on earnings
      expectations quarter after quarter...

      Keep in mind that
      P/E is a value set on future earnings numbers...WAG
      has a different fiscal year than most
      companies...ended in August...therefore, that P/E will
      Because the "E-arnings" was set at a lower value than
      what is expected now!

      I guess you can invest
      whatever way you want...intc is a great choice considering
      the stock has done nothing for over a
      would also buy GM, MO, EK, based on the same thinking,
      how about NKE?

      Some companies I would never
      buy on low P/E ratio alone...this company better have
      a product that can weather a low P/E as well...for
      example, a low P/E in this environment means that the
      stock is out of favor...but every personal computer
      thats worth a shit has "intel inside"

      Yahoo, what a name, how can you forget it? We're using
      YHOO now...forget about the P/E...I don't know of an
      easier financial site to use. And, I'm not willing to
      try out another site now that I spent all that time
      to set up my portfolios here. Yahoo never
      inconveniences me as well, my friends have told me Yahoo sucks
      during the day. But, I work, I'm never here during the

      Same with WAG, I'm not willing to goto another
      pharmacy and fill out another form concerning my medical
      history...I'll just keep my doctor and keep coming to WAG, never
      inconveniences me. In fact, my friends stopped going to Eckerds
      because the pharmacists never work hard, and there is
      always an hour wait regardless of how many scripts are
      on the counter.

      Sorry for the long post...go on stocks like you see the future...ATHM, MSFT,

    • Some will argue that PE's don't matter
      I disagree. Sooner or later money will begin to
      out of WAG and into stocks like INTC.
      I would take
      profits on WAG now and move money into INTC which
      a higher growth rate and lower PE.

    • As of 11/29 WAG is up 73% for the year. This
      ranks it 26th on the S&P 500. Better than IBM,
      Time-Warner and 470+ others. Why would I dump a stock like
      this? A better piece of advice would be to suggest
      buying INTC. The two can co-exist in anybodys portfolio
      as they do in mine.

    • WAG is up ~73% for the year (as of 11/29). It
      ranks 26th on the S&P 500, better than IBM, Time-Warner
      and many other big stocks. A better piece of advice
      would have been to suggest buying INTC. But to suggest
      dumping WAG is not very smart. The two can co-exist in
      anybodys portfolio. I own INTC and WAG (and others).

    • After going to WAG, I will just say a few

      The small store size is good for people in a hurry,
      also it is easy to locate things in the small

      The parking lot where spaces are all around the
      building and near the door make parking and entering the
      store much much faster than entering a shopping center

      The service was very efficient.

      The store was neat and relatively well

      WAG is there on corners with small store size to get
      the customer what they want quickly. Simple. People
      are pressed for time these more and more as time goes
      on and it is good to know most drugstore chains are
      going freestanding. Time will tell with WAG. Another
      thing that I like about WAG: they are open later than
      the other drug stores are.....

    • Walgreens, got out of them a few years

      I'm a 10 year employee, and at an employee
      meeting, were told that they aren't interested
      buying into any other chains. Too many
      converting things over, they like to start fresh, and

      it's worked fine. In the 10 years that I've been with

      WAG we've doubled the stores we have, and it's only

      going to get better.

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