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  • pharmacycollector pharmacycollector Jan 18, 1999 1:22 PM Flag

    wag stock 2

    Drive thru were not set up just for seniors but
    for the convenience of mothers with children,ill
    customers, lazy people and people without make-up. However,
    this is a double sided sword; they buy less(less
    impulse purchases) when using the drive-thru. As far as
    the real estate--Walgreens demographics are
    great---give them a street and they'll put a pharmacy
    there---then "they will come". The desert is getting
    crowded--expansion to the the far west of Phoenix, and north of
    Phoenix and South of Phoenix and East of Phoenix--does
    that cover all directions. Scottsdale may be as big as
    Phoenix in ten years, so that area needs more Walgreen
    stores; but they are meeting great resistance. My
    suggestion to you would be to buy more real-estate and WAG.
    The population of Arizona is expected to be around 27
    million by 2010. Where are we going to put all those

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    • What do you mean when you say resistance? Does it have to do with open spaces or just commercial development, or what?

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      • In Arizona, unlike most states, especially
        Scottsdale, neighborhoods are established like forts;they are
        walled in communities. A square mile may have 5-6
        communities or more. It was one of these areas where
        Walgreens wanted to build a prototype store on a
        potentially powerful corner. It would have shared the area
        with an office complex. The citizens orchestrated a
        mass neeting in the city council to ban the business
        site from commercial--probably OSCO was in no small
        part involved. Scottsdale also limits flashy lights
        along traffic areas/ They also have limited growth
        legislation pending .

    • If Arizona grows that big that fast Phoenix will
      be bigger than Tokyo, that's a growth factor of 5 or
      6 times (minimunm) in 11 years. If Phoenix and
      Scottsdale both add to 2.7 million it's almost a doubling.

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      • Judging by the auto licenses turned in from other
        states the order of growth shows; 1)California;
        2)Illinois; 3)New York; 4)Minnesota, etc. . etc. One more
        flood in the mid-west or tornado in the pan-handle or
        even hurricane in Florida-Puff---one million more
        residents. Try finding a table at a good restaurant or seat
        in a theater; better yet see what kind of a discount
        a home builder will give you. The figure isn't
        mine; it was issued by the State of Arizona.