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  • ettjr ettjr Jan 16, 1999 10:00 PM Flag

    wag stock 2

    In October of 1997 I purchased over 800 shares of
    Walgreens stock. My only regret is that I didn't buy more.
    This company is a winner. I live in the Phoenix metro
    The new stores going in this area are fantastic.
    They are in the best locations. I see nothing but
    continued growth for this 5-star company. Thank you for
    this opportunity.

    • Big, high red sign up in front of the Reno WAG.
      Up already. Store hasn't even been stuccoed yet! But
      WAG puts the sign up months before the store will
      open. Big sign has to be more effective then the coming
      soon board other retailers use. Then there is the Rite
      Aid way.... Put a sign in the door.... We will open
      January 17, start sending out ads for this store on
      January 10, and here we are, January 27th and all that
      they say on the door now is "RITE AID Closed. Opening

      WAG is #1!

    • Try thes numbers: (312)461-5535 or (312) 461-3885.

    • Wag will continue to beat estimates. They have a
      solid mangment and they know how to succeed. Look for
      the stock to split 2-1 again in 1.5 years!They have a
      solid managment

    • I was having a hard time finding a good phone number for these people. All I got was a recording and never any information about the Direct Stock purchase plan.


    • When I E-mailed Betsy Hawkins she immediately
      reponded with a reference to the company that administers
      their DRIP and Direct Stock Purchase Plans. The number
      to call is 888 290-7264. Walgreen does not
      administer these plans themselves.

    • No family in Ohio that I know of. Any family back
      East is located in New York and Maine. Sorry it took
      so long to get back to you on your question. Did a
      little weekend trip to Vegas and just got back. Boy talk
      about a BOOMING town, and Walgreens seems to be growing
      as fast as Wynns' holdings in that town. Best of
      Luck to all and HAPPY TRADING!!

    • First of all, I must say that, to me, the
      short-term behavior of most stocks defies logic, so I can't
      really comment on your questions regarding logic (just
      call me Spock, heh heh). There are, however, patterns,
      not necessarily logical, that many stocks follow.
      From my own *experience*, many stocks do just what you
      wrote - they run up just before the split. I think it's
      a good sign that WAG was strong in the down market
      last week, and continues to climb. My plan is to try
      to time the peak, and then get out. Be careful,
      though! Many times there is a sudden downturn right after
      the peak but before the split, usually due to
      profit-taking. Speaking of splits, it looks like there are lots
      of them on coming up the horizon - in fact MSFT just
      announced one today!

      I wish you well, OC, and happy
      trading. One rule that works well for me is to use
      fundamental analysis to choose the stocks you want to play
      (WAG is excellent) and use technical analysis to time
      your entrance and exit. To me, the technicals still
      indicate an uptrend, but I'd watch it VERY

      Go WAG!

    • WAG opens and the stores are busy. RAD opens
      stores up, does no advertising for almost 2 months after
      the opening, and still, they have no business. I
      still recall WAG Stores I have seen in Salem, OR and
      Woodland, CA which were DEAD. Does anybody know anything
      about those 2 locations? I am just waiting for my local
      WAG to open. Right now it looks like its about time
      for the stucco. I sure hope they don't take 3 months
      to shelve and stock a new store like RAD has in one
      spot here. Still, RAD came in here and is building 4
      stores, and WAG is only building 1 store. I would like to
      see WAG put more stores here. It's nice to know that
      in less then 11 years, there will be twice as many
      stores as there are. Twice the stores..... twice the
      profit..... but hopefully more then twice the stock price.

    • Just tought all wag investers would like to know
      the new 24 hour store they opened 01/22/99 was busy
      (what else would you expect!) They just had a sigh up
      now open and low low rx prices. taking away from the
      local rad and longs drug store. Its on a great corner
      Go wag

    • Hi there,

      I like WAG a lot. However, their
      $5.00 OCP fee for drips is a bit high. I found a drip
      plan contact at WAG:,

      If this issue concerns you, email her and tell her
      what you think about their high fees.


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