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  • muskieboy muskieboy Jan 26, 1999 9:02 PM Flag

    DUMP (Pardon me, I mean DEMP)

    where the hell is a demp?i never heard of it .
    ihave never seen it.i live in the chicago metro.
    area(home to wag)is demp. in a different area?how many
    stores?will there be 6k new ones in 10 years?drug retailing
    is and will continue to be profitable but wag is a
    blue chip and will continue to prosper.oh yeah wag is
    everywhere and growing with little or no debt.

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    • buy a stock low and sell high, OR high and sell
      higher. WAG's price may improve BUT it's very rich. DEMP
      is grossly undervalued compared to the rest of the
      drug industry and has much more room to grow. Much
      better risk/reward buying DEMP at these prices. IMO,
      DEMP's a double by June. WAG may tack on 10 more
      dollars, but % growth favours DEMP.

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      • part of my is a substantial % that yes dell and a little risky tmcs.however one
        would like to dissect this i would be happy to listen.i
        feelenough confidence about the 4 that unless or until
        fundamentals change this is a buy and hold for a looooong time thing though many more days like today and long
        isn't that long much longer.

      • <<<DEMP is grossly undervalued compared
        to the rest of the drug industry and has much more
        room to grow. >>>

        DUMP'S management
        has been feeding the turnaround line for years, no
        doubt trying to save their jobs with a failed concept.
        Is the Wilber guy or whatever still around or did
        the board finally get the guts to sack his ass? I
        remember reading a DUMP annual report from '92 or so and
        the two top dogs in the picture looked like grim
        death. At least Jorndt & Co. know how to flash a smile.

    • <<<where the hell is a demp?

      The is/has been a bunch in the Phoenix area. They
      kind of come and go, usually the franchisee in the
      area goes bankrupt, they close a bunch, some other
      franchisee comes in with his big ideas and they ramp up
      again, then he goes bankrupt, etc. You get the idea. As
      somebody mentioned previously, the retail concept at DUMP
      is apparently "Put stuff on shelves and they will

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      • Down here in San Diego we have a DEMP store. In a
        way it's a good thing that DUMP is actually free.
        That way, when Rite-Aid decides to change their ticker
        symbol they can dump RAD and use DUMP which would be
        more appropiate. I have never gone into the local DEMP
        and left withoug what I needed. The local RAD is a
        completely different story. They are always out of stock.
        Suprise, the DEMP even has friendlier employees.

        a WAG investor I really miss having WAGs here. I
        will be very happy when they move in so that I can
        avoid shopping at RAD.

        BTW when WAG moves in the
        local RAD's will have to clean up their act (and their
        stores) or else be killed by WAG.

        Anyone know how
        long before WAG enters this market.

      • "Put stuff on shelves and they will come".

        GO WAG!