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  • zippy1015 zippy1015 Jan 25, 1999 2:50 PM Flag

    DUMP (Pardon me, I mean DEMP)

    a good reason for that. The company is/has been in
    the crapper for a long time. Rudderless, listless, no
    strategy means no/lousy profits, underperforming stock and
    stockholders heading for the exits (rightfully so, I might

    <<<Stock is still very cheap
    fundmentally and could be in beginning stages of a good move

    I doubt that. Don't hold your breath waiting for
    the big move up. I still recommend changing the
    ticker symbol to DUMP. It's overdue.

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    • Let's see, the fundamantal values of DEMP vs.
      WAG. WAG better sure as hell better have neater
      shelves in it's stores cause it's valued much richer than
      Drug Emporium. I happen to own both stocks and DEMP
      has far more potential for rapid price growth than
      WAG. DEMP's management is aware that improvement is
      needed and they are on top of it, plus they are well
      ahead of WAG on internet trade and soon will be coming
      out with the BEST drug store internet site

      Yes WAG is a good stock and even pays a 1/2% dividend
      (WOW!), but I must agree with tresfind, DEMP's stock
      represents a much better risk reward than WAG at current
      price levels. One can buy almost 1000 of DEMP for 100
      shares of WAG and for my money DEMP is the best value in
      the retail drug industry. Yes, WAG may be better
      today BUT not 10 times better. Look at the investment
      parameters of both companies and you'll find one thing -
      either DEMP is still undervalued OR WAG is overvalued.
      My monies on the former. Happy investing!

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      • where the hell is a demp?i never heard of it .
        ihave never seen it.i live in the chicago metro.
        area(home to wag)is demp. in a different area?how many
        stores?will there be 6k new ones in 10 years?drug retailing
        is and will continue to be profitable but wag is a
        blue chip and will continue to prosper.oh yeah wag is
        everywhere and growing with little or no debt.

      • Want a good laugh! Look at the five year chart on dump,(demp)!

      • Neater shelves has nothing to do with fundamental
        values. Neater shelves sometimes means you don't have any
        customers to mess them up. If "neater shelves" was all you
        got out of my message, then I failed to make my
        point. When I mentioned "in-stock condition", I was
        referring to whether or not they had huge, gaping, empty
        spots on their shelves. This could indicate a
        replenishment problem such as poor ordering, warehouse outs, or
        vendors that are leary of giving credit for fear that
        their invoices won't get paid. Does the merchandise
        match the shelf tags, or do they have an abundance of
        one single item "dummied" across an entire shelf
        where many different items should be? When I said
        "organization vs. clutter", I meant the store in general. Do
        you trip over cardboard displays of bunny shoes in
        the middle of the aisles? Do you have to guess what
        the prices of their merchandise are? Are the
        endstands effectively merchandised or just thrown together
        with a box of this and a box of that with no
        promotional signage? In response to the rest of your
        post---You say "DEMP has more potential for rapid price
        growth than WAG"----Based on What????? "DEMP's
        management is aware that improvement is needed and they are
        on top of it". Were they on top of it last year? How
        about the year before that? For that matter, what about
        the last decade???? How long have they been on top of
        it???? "DEMP will soon be coming out with the Best drug
        store internet site around" Says Who? and So What? What
        make you think that a company can run a drug store
        internet site any better than they can run a drug store? I
        tell you what---Why don't we both post again a year
        from now and compare WAG's performance with the "best
        value in the retail drug industry".

      • <<<DEMP has far more potential for rapid
        price growth than WAG.>>

        I would bet a lot
        of people have been saying this for a lot of years.
        Actually, you are falling into the William O'Neill trap of
        buying the yellow dress because it is deeply discounted,
        when the reason that it is deeply discounted is that
        nobody wants it.

        Bottom line, pal: If you like
        DUMP, buy it.

    • correct.....a lot of the time if not most of the
      time it is the insurance industry that dictates which
      rx company that one goes to.this being the case then
      bigger is better.the one who has the lead(wag)is the one
      that will be able to offer the most attractive
      contracts to the ins. industry.after all the ins. industry
      is in the business to make $$ .not because they are
      genuinely concerned about your's kinda like the
      recent conglomeration of large intenet companies.they
      realize going forward bigger gives them the best chance
      to sustain a lead.wag=6k more stores in ten
      years......and the closest competitor?????

    • The people who are telling you that are wrong.
      You will never miss out or lose half of your money
      because of a split, no matter when you bought the stock.
      You could even buy on Feb 11th and be ok. If you paid
      the pre-split price then you will get credit for the
      split and your shares will double. If you paid the
      post-split price, or "when issued" price (somewhere around
      $30- $31)then you already have the post-split shares,
      or at least a due bill for the post-split shares
      which will be sent to your broker on the split date.
      Here is a web site that can explain it much better
      than I. Click on stocks then

      P.S. you picked a great investment

    • I know most of the Southern California RAD stores
      were former Thrifty Stores, which looked crappy before
      RAD came along. I really don't see much difference
      between a WAG store and a Thrifty Store EXCEPT for the
      fact WAG is adaquatly staffed, CLEAN, neat, STOCKED,
      and well you guys get the picture. But RAD doesn't
      want to clean up the Thriftys... give them some new
      paint and fixtures, they have to spend hundreds and
      thousands of dollars to extensively remodel the stores. WAG
      will do well in Southern California. Not much there
      other then Sav-On and Rite Aid. Look at how well WAG
      does in Arizona, where the only competition is Osco
      (same company owns Osco and Sav-On for those of you
      that don't know). Rite Aid, in my opinion, is a better
      operation then Sav-On. Sav-On is crappy. They will be out
      of stock on regular stock items for at 2 weeks
      before they get the item in stock. They are worse then
      RAD! Still, I have not delt with the RAD RX
      Department. Seems like they are getting alot of RX business
      here though, while the front end is DEAD. Strange.

    • The margins on the drugs that WAG sells is so
      good, they don't need them to come in and buy lost
      leaders to drop their profit margins. They make their own
      drugs!!!!! Profit margins are in the hundred fold!!!!!

    • have time to educate you. more over i don't care
      to but i'm not leaving.besides no matter how much of
      an ass you make of yurself i'm to happy to care and
      i've already dealt with you .now you just bore me
      .(not the way you think of)i continue to make big
      $$,$$$.$$ everyday now with DELL you loser.wag is still a
      10 year don't be


      go here, and promote it, not many people there now,
      but is lot better then yhoo. at there is no
      delay with your message and as more people come they
      have serveys and vote there.

    • <<The corner store is over in 90% of our

      I could not disagree more. People have less and
      less free time and want to get what they want as fast
      a possible. The category killers (WMT, HD, etc.)
      have eliminated most of the middle-size players and
      builit their own superstores. The downside of these
      superstores is that it takes forever to get in and out. The
      point I often make to people is that you can get in and
      out of a WAG faster than you can walk across the
      parking lot of a Walmart Supercenter. :-^) As the
      populations ages, they will have less tolerance for the
      megahypersuperstores. And a clean, uncluttered,
      right-around-the-corner, just-the-right-size Walgreens is exactly what
      they'll be looking for. Plus, these aging boomers are
      going to have comfortable retirements and aren't going
      to be motivated by the fact that WMT is a nickel
      less on toothpaste. WAG is better positioned than ANY
      other retailer to take advantage of these trends.

    • In fact, I'll give a rat's ass for every 100 shares of DEMP given to me.

      I think that's more than a fair price.

    • 8.7 sss number about what is expected, high/low? I thought (and I may be wrong) sss was something like 13 for Dec.

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