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  • berrand123 berrand123 Mar 15, 1999 11:13 AM Flag

    Fundamentals not the same for RAD & WAG

    RAD has a ton of debt while WAG does not. Also,
    RAD insiders have been challenged recently for having
    financial interests in companies that RAD does business
    with. The more likely outcome of RAD's problems is that
    investors will switch out of RAD and into WAG and other
    above board retail companies.

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    • RAD doesn't have the management that WAG

      For the past year or two, I haven't been keeping
      track, WAG has had the number 1 ranking within its
      sector for "Management Team", either voted by peers or
      investors...See Fortune Magazine.

      An example was when WAG
      had a forseeable weakness in future internet related
      sales, they formed an alliance with Peapod (is that the
      name?). This way, WAG doesn't have to go through the
      internet growing pains in the pharmaceutical retail
      sector. How many years will it take before this becomes

      Years from now, if WAG is seen as behind in this
      sector, don't you think the team will do something about
      it? It's great that WAG has no debt, they can take on
      debt to get in the game if they ever need to, on
      whatever playing field it is...internet, interactive cable
      TV, etc...

      Go WAG!