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  • CVQ3KicksButt CVQ3KicksButt May 17, 1999 12:52 PM Flag

    WAG Sales no good in Massachusetts?

    In the latest circular, WAG was advertising a
    very good deal for a case of Oil (After Manufacturer's
    Rebate), but there was a heading that said "Oil sales not
    valid in Massachusetts". Does anyone know why this is?
    Is this just another consequence of another stupid
    Taxachusetts law?

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    • Regarding the EdgeHill stores...if you look onto
      the RAD board, there were comments posted regarding
      the Edgehill to Rite Aid conversion. I hear it wasn't
      pleasant; 25 EdgeHill stores had to either transfer
      prescription files to other stores, the computer conversion,
      etc. Anyone going through a transition can
      relate--just look at the RAD board.

      WAG is dominant in
      Florida. The only competition is Eckerd/JCP. South Florida
      has small chains, such as Navarro Drugs. If you are
      fluent in Spanish, and thinking about transferring to
      Florida, do it.

    • did you know?

    • Were you with Edgehill?

    • Overvalued.... I know it will catch up.... 3,000+new stores... GO WAG!! Lots of business up for grabs in the Northwest.

    • Being a ex-crw store mgr i dont have a problem
      with the pay phr's they make an excellent living what
      i had a problem with is how under paid the store
      mgr is... There is way more presure on you to preform
      increasing sales, increasing profits and etc... Rx's people
      dont get calls from there DMS or have rough visits
      from their Regional's. You dont see RX'S unloading
      whse trucks at 2:00 a.m., working all night to get
      ready for a visit from upper mgt, working 60 to 80
      hours a week depending on what time of year it
      people who work in retail mgt know what i am talking
      about... I had a great relationship with my rx people, but
      i did not feel to sorry for them when they
      complained about how hard they had to work... The store mgr
      is responsible for the whole store operation not
      just one dept. Wags had better figure out a way to
      help out the mgr or they going to facing bigger
      personnel problems in the future than what they have now..
      Store conditions have been slipping i think in the last
      couple of years because of the lack of quality store
      mgrs...I am hoping upper mgt has changed some of its ways
      with some of the retirements in the executives and
      they bring some more people type mgrs...
      GO WAGS

      I love this stock!!!
      Go Huskers...

    • Your info is very helpful Zen, thanks. As I see
      from responses, the role and education background of
      the pharmacist is often under appreciated. As I have
      been a pharmacist/store manager for 15 of my 20 years
      in pharmacy, the attitude of non-pharmacist store
      managers is understandable but unfounded. I am not going
      to get into listing tit for tat, but believe me, I
      have seen good stores turn to failure with the
      introduction of bad pharmacists!! Without a good pharmacist a
      store will fail no matter what support staff is
      present. A good pharmacist deserves all the money he

    • You bet!!! Ok , pharmacy sucks everywhere,( I
      know: I've worked for wal-mart, grocery stores , med
      shoppe and hosp.) but with walgreens , I have noticed
      that I go home at ease . Reason is that walgreens
      really tries hard to help the pharmacist with
      technology--case in point: How many chains would spend $100million
      on a system to help the pharmacist? What you do in
      general is to verify Rxs and answer questions from
      patients. You get an army of CERTIFIED techs to help you
      out. A tech at in-window, one to fill for you and one
      to ring at register. That is the minimum in most
      stores. BUT best of all, walgreens can make you very,
      very rich!! As a pharmacist they allow to get an
      in-company loan( no credit checks) of 25% of yearly salary
      in wag stock. they take it out of your check ( about
      $150 per pay period before taxes!) At 8% interest, but
      wow, wag has been giving me a return of 75%, 86% and
      99% compounded every year( oh, did I tell you that
      wag gives you 10% extra in addition to your
      purchase?). You can take out a loan every calender year( open
      one up in dec. and another in Jan)

    • As a pharmacist in Maryland I am thinking of
      relocating to Florida. My company was bought out by Rite Aid
      and the experience is not pleasant. Am trying to
      avoid the greener on the other side of the fence
      phenomenon and would like to know if Walgreens is actually a
      better place to work for.

    • I have my own pharmacy, and was recently sent a
      new contract for american hmo, with reduced
      reimbursement, and stating that wag and dominics would not be
      participating. I talked to the hmo people and they said wag was
      not invited to participate. In my state we have open
      access, meaning any willing provider can participate
      whether invited or not. Is there some other reason beside
      reduced reimbursement that wag is not joining? Thanks in

    • Just as Bob Brinker was saying all weekend!
      Valuation valuation valuation! We should have listened to
      him! It was the greater fool theory buying this thing
      at a PE of 60! (I did it too, but then averaged down
      buy buying more at 26 then more at 25) But not to
      worry, earnings shall continue to climb, catching up to
      the price you paod. Just have a ways to wait in dead
      miney. This is still a great investment that we have

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