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  • JREXEC98 JREXEC98 May 25, 1999 9:04 AM Flag


    i just left walgreens after 12 years--i have no
    problem with what pharmacists make, but i see no reason
    for them to gripe either. whenever they would get two
    people back waiting for a rx, panic would set
    in--demanding that a cashier from the front get back
    there--often it was myself and 1 maybe 2 cashiers--the rph
    would rip on me--i was already giving breaks, stocking
    shelves, running one hour photo, being cosmetician, and
    trying to do management duties--most pharmacists
    wouldn't last doing the managers jobs either--i also agree
    that walgreens better do something about the
    management--the good ones are leaving--too much bull to take from
    everyone else. why would anyone want to work 50+ hours for
    what they are paying you, just to have someone always
    ripping you apart--12 years ago when i started as
    part-time in college, our help was intelligent--now we are
    dumbing down as a rule--part-timers, full-timers, as well
    as mgmt and rx--they need to pay better across the
    board-not just in the pharmacy (they just got a big raise
    in march)

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    • You sound like you went to the same district
      meetings i went to. I remember the DM blaming us for all
      the turnover it was always the mgr's fault...It
      sounds like are unsure if you want to be a long term str
      mgr??? I left the co after 15yrs and got a normal 8-5
      m-f job and couldnt be happier... Some things you
      have to look forward to if you stay-- long hours,
      working nights, weekends, unruly customers, turnover
      etc... you know by now..One good thing if you stay is i
      think crw has the best retirement plan you can, retire
      as a millionaire if you can last that long..
      has the worst training program for new asst's they
      are burned out before they become store mgrs. We are
      losing too many good people.
      I look for the stock to
      drop even lower, because summer months sales are
      typically lower. and earnings are lower also...but this is
      a great time to buy and hold for the long haul.
      Stock will climb into the 30's this fall...

    • JREXEC98.

    • how many college graduates are they getting with their $11.00 per hour wages?

    • God Bless you!!!!!

    • The same thing is happening here. Good managers
      (assistats, exa's, and storemanagers) are walking out the
      door. The people they brign in walk out in days. I like
      my job for the most part. But I am concerned. The
      last manager meeting I went to, my DM looked at all of
      us and said "why are you guys droppign like flies?"
      When we honestly started to tell him he changed the
      subject. The Company is fully aware of how they treat us.
      They dont care. The throw more and more on our heads,
      give us no credit, and expect us to be happy with the
      peanuts the throw our way. When I was an MGT I thought is
      was pathetic that I didn't make bonus. After all,
      it's the regular assistants and crew that do all the
      major work in the stores. The EXA's and store managers
      just sit back and take the credit. Even as an EXA I
      feel that it is because of the grunts that I make
      bonus. I even gave part of my bonus to the assistants
      that work with me. They earned it too. As far as a
      store manager position, I've Closed two stores and
      opened one as temp. manager. And after these few
      insights I'm trying to decide if being a manger is worth
      it. I really dont see what so much better about the
      store manager position that i dont have right now
      beside a larger bonus and can dictate my own schedule. I
      dont want to sell my soul to this company. I love my
      job but I will not marry it!

    • I dont know where you get your info but your not
      even in the ballpark. No body gets promoted because of
      what a Rph says. If a guy/gal is an exa for over 5
      years they have no one to blame but themselves. Only
      25% of store mgrs are presently registered and the
      number is going down fast. In the progressive
      districts/regions wag is actively recruiting at universities. At
      one university in the west there is a mgr teaching a
      retail class. Your buddy may be a DM but I know of no Dm
      or Regional who cares what a Rph says about an
      Exa> That statement is ridiculous.

    • hey cakeboi--i just left after being an exa for 6
      years, got tired of hearing i was right there for the
      next promotion--i know work m-f, no nights, no
      weekends, no holidays. i stepped down in jan to job hunt
      and probably would have my store by now, if you can
      believe anything a dm says, but i don't regret leaving.
      what they do to an asst or exa sucks. the district i
      was in is 25 asst managers short, they can't hire
      anyone, nor can they keep the ones they have. there is a
      definate problem in the way mgmt is treated and they're
      trying to figure out what to do. upcoming people do not
      want to do the job or the hours--they want lives. yes
      they need rphs in the store, but they need mgmt for
      the rest of the workers. good luck to you

    • CakeBoi I am hard on you because the way this
      company is growing, you will be a store manager soon.
      Unless of course you would screw up--then WAG will put
      you in perpetual EXA-dom. ( I've met EXAs with 12yrs
      record ). Here is a hint: DM's when they visit the
      pharmacy, they ask about the EXA on staff: How fast they
      respond to RX pages, willing to ring in pharmacy...I know
      for a FACT that EXAs do not get promoted if RPh
      speaks badly about them--even if the EXA has awesome
      reports by the manager--why? because a good evaluation by
      the manager means that the EXA was taught well by
      same manager--the RPh has nothing to lose by telling
      the truth. What the DM hears from the pharmacy is
      usually the real deal I found this out because my old
      college room mate is DM now. Most DMs are pharmacists.
      Mellow out on the pharmacists , you'll get a store. If
      you have been an EXA for longer than 5yrs then a
      carrot is being hung in front of your nose. I suggest
      for you to quit..good luck

    • This further defines my frustraitions with some
      RPH's. I'm glad not all of them have your mouth. first
      off, your salaried, you dont punch in, you dont go
      near the when you come into work (unless your a
      floater and need the keys for the Control cabinate). But
      even then, Even if a manager got onto your for being
      late, they had every right too. You know when you are
      schedule. They have a store to run and cant be continuous
      wondering where the hell there pharmacist is. It's too bad
      that DM didn't have the balls to stand up to you. I
      would have told you to pack your little ass up and go
      to CVS. No company should be so hard up that they
      should have keep employee's that show that kind of
      blatant disrespect for management or any other employee
      for that matter. That manager was just doing there
      job. If you dont believe that use your nice Intercom+
      sign on and look up policies and procedures in
      Storenet and read for yourself. Almost all the stores in
      my district's Self Service sales equal or exceed the
      pharmacy sales. You are no better than the rest of us and
      I'm sick of Pharmacist's like you who think your
      higher than god! When you have to deal with assholes
      like yourself on a day to day basis, along with every
      other complication involved in running a Walgreens
      store (that includes a pharmacy too) then I will
      consider what you have to say as possibly valid. You have
      no idea what it's like to try and schedule coverage
      for a store, order groups, ad sheets, maintaining a
      stockroom, training employee's, paper work (so your pills
      get paid for), call-ins, theft and shoplifters,
      explaining to customers that are pharmacist isnt' just a
      jerk to them but they're that way to everyone, correct
      your cashhandling errors and your inability to follow
      policy and prodecure except when it's convenient for
      you. So do not think you are better than anybody else
      in the store. You are one department amoung many. So
      if you dont or cant follow policy and respect chain
      of command, please, pack your bags and go to CVS.
      Maybe you'll drive more customers to walgreens. Like I
      said, you are just a number of a few pharmacist. Not
      all are self-centered ego maniacs. My father is a
      pharmacist, my uncle is one, And alot of my families closest
      friends are in that trade. And let me tell you, if you
      think your impressing anybody, you not. Consider this,
      if we were not so short on pharmacist, you would
      probably have been gone by now. As it is, Tech's do more
      work in teh pharmacy than you probably do. I can just
      imagine how you treat them!


    • "DISCIPLINE" Did you receive from the store mgr?? As a mgr you can not just let employees come and go as they please. It sounds more like a personality conflict between you and the store mgr.

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