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  • EgadsPeople EgadsPeople Jun 2, 1999 3:15 PM Flag

    What will it take

    Let's see, since the first of the year Walgreens
    reports record numbers, gets an upgrade, and now is
    reporting strong sales for the month. Meanwhile, despite
    recent declines, most of the indexes have been strong.
    end result, a company that has dropped by around 20
    percent since the first of the year. With the company
    doing so well with this good news, I can only imagine
    what will happen to this company when summer comes and
    growth stocks get the hammer. With all the blather about
    some serious corrections taking place, this stock
    could be headed on an even faster downward path through
    most of this year.

    All you sycophants who chant
    about what a screaming buy this company is at its
    steadily declining prices should start figuring out why
    this baby is on a long, slow slide.

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