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  • cif34 cif34 Jun 3, 1999 11:51 AM Flag


    At what rate is wag building new stores? One a month, one a week, one a day? Anyone have the numbers?

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    • I have been following your posts for along time!
      I think that you were one of the firsts in yahoo's
      wag board. Keep running your observations--as a
      WagDog ( one who works hard for the company ) I
      appreciate your input. I wish more people would give us
      input..Sun Tzu in "art of War" said that a wise general can
      win the war if he knows how many times the enemy
      washes their pots while at camp. Subtlety ( sp ) is very
      important.. Go WagDogs! go WAG!

    • Critizism and analyses is great but knocking a
      company on a competitors board to make you look great is
      cheap. Answer the questions put forth to you and look at
      the long picture. Your credibility has already been
      shot im many of our books because you are two faced
      and have a tendency to change your story a bit too
      much. Go back to the rad board and cry with your

    • who cares about some pea brain buying spree,lets
      talk numbers,p.e.ratios,store
      openings,volume,risk,etc..come on guys
      don't look luck a bunch of rookie
      wanabees,if you do move your posts over to the penny stock
      pick of the day club...:)

    • What Storewandergoof does in his little shopping sprees ??? About a month ago he posted on the RAD board that WAG sucks. I can't stand his stupid little stories !!!

    • were a great buy up till WED. I would not touch
      th JUnes because they expire prior to earnings but
      the I was able to pick up the July 22.50 at 2 bucks.
      I am primarily an options trader and have taken
      some losses in the past weeks so I am now looking for
      options at prices that I would not mind calling them at
      but with WAG the options up up over a point so I am
      waiting for that same stores report today and then will
      lock in some profits.
      GO WAGS #1 in their business!

    • just punch in those symbols i gave,and you will find everything about them,i'm looking for 30 by late july...

    • CRW is relocating or building a new store nearly
      everyday of the year. This year they are opening 300+
      alone. Older stores are being relocated to new free
      standing locations and out of the strip centers. Walgreens
      has the youngest "fleet" of stores in the nation
      regarding national drug stores. Do not believe me?
      Obviously you may not have really checked into company
      before you bought. If you did, welcome aboard and enjoy
      the long haul ride to retirement.

      • 2 Replies to rnpharmer
      • The closing today has been earned. WAG has
        reported 24 consecutive years of record earnings, and
        expects the trend to continue. The company has opened 160
        stores during the first half with 31 relocations. Wag
        expects to exceede the goal of opening 365 stores this
        year. As of February 1999 they operated 2667 stores and
        intend to have 3000 stores by the year 2000. The
        estimated figure is to have 6000 stores by 2010. Wallgren's
        is the lumbering giant of the retail drug market.

        WAG is a pay as you go Company and is essentially
        debt-free. Not only are they building new stores, management
        is investing in the future by adding distribution
        centers and store systems along with the on-line .com in
        fall. This stupendous planning is why WAG is Number 1
        and will continue to be.

        Wag continues to
        spread the Headquaters expenses over a larger sales
        base. There by lowering the coperate overhead per
        store. This cost has to be going down as the sales
        continue to accelerate with record earnings,which in turn
        is creating higher profits allowing the debt free

        This is a stock that lets you sleep at night an not
        worry about what has been reported as earnings and if
        they can pay their bills. The Company is honest and
        what is reported is a number they don't have to be
        disgraced by retracting later as some competiors

        If a .com drug on line is out there that can come
        close to a record like this I would like to hear about
        it. GO WAG

      • If there was any serious doubt about this
        company, it is over.
        Look at the same store sales
        numbers. Look at the front cover and feature article from
        Barron's last week(amazon.bomb). No one out Walgreen's
        Walgreens. This is a well run company. It is probably the
        best run company in America. Sure there are still
        concerns over internet pharmacies and competition, but
        let's face it, WAG will prosper and thrive despite all
        of the competition. The rally is on. The buying
        oppurtunity has already come and will soon be over. The train
        is leaving the station. All
        aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

    • 400 Stores this Year

    • WAG's opening stores at rate of 1/day. They intend to have 6,000 by 2010